Fiserv unveils enhanced authentication capabilities for financial institutions

Fiserv, a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, has launched capabilities that enable financial institutions to enhance cybersecurity while improving the customer experience.

The company has launched SecureNow: Login Defense from Fiserv to facilitate accurate recognition of suspicious devices, enabling banks and credit unions to increase cyberattack detection rates while reducing the number of times customers are required to take extra steps to access accounts.

SecureNow: Login Defense is an extension of SecureNow from Fiserv, a centralized, real-time cybersecurity platform that integrates multi-factor and device-based authentication with behavioral analytics to enable financial institutions to combat fast-moving threats while simplifying the digital experience for legitimate users.

SecureNow: Login Defense incorporates device reputation insights from the global consortium of iovation, a TransUnion company, and location data from Neustar, a provider of real-time information services including security solutions, to analyze potential risk based on a wide range of device-related factors such as account access frequency, history and location. Fiserv data shows devices being used by an attacker are recognized in real time 90 percent of the time.

SecureNow includes multiple layers of behind-the-scenes security so the experience is seamless for the customer. This was a key benefit for South Carolina Federal Credit Union, which implemented SecureNow to improve digital usability while increasing security.

“For us, the story had been, ‘let’s ratchet online banking down so tight that we won’t ever get any fraud out of it,’ which turned out to be a relatively successful approach,” said Brad Williams, chief technology officer, South Carolina Federal Credit Union.

“But the byproduct was a challenging user experience for our members. After seeing what SecureNow could do for us in the background, we felt comfortable replacing some of the front-end security measures we had in place in order to provide a simpler user experience.”

Since implementing SecureNow, South Carolina FCU has seen challenge rates decline from 28 percent to less than 10 percent, meaning fewer members are having to key in a one-time passcode or are getting locked out of accounts. This not only improves the member experience, it also helps lower call center volume.

Fiserv cybersecurity experts operate the SecureNow platform for financial institutions, reducing overhead and allowing clients to focus on core digital business activities.

“SecureNow replaces traditional security mechanisms with data-driven risk decisioning and monitoring to deliver robust protections against rapidly evolving threats,” said Dan Bjerke, senior vice president, Digital Banking, Fiserv.

“This allows financial institutions to deliver the seamless user experiences digital banking users demand without compromising on security.”

SecureNow complements other leading-edge cybersecurity solutions offered by Fiserv, including CyberProtect and Cyber Secure, which are designed to mitigate risks within the financial institution as well as risks associated with customer-facing services.

Intelligent security capabilities offered by Fiserv enable financial institutions to understand emerging threats and establish multilayered defenses to minimize risk, prevent fraud, help ensure compliance, and enable consumers and businesses to transact with confidence.

In a world moving faster than ever before, Fiserv helps clients deliver solutions in step with the way people live and work today – financial services at the speed of life.

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