Splunk releases Splunk Connected Experiences and Splunk Business Flow

Splunk, delivering actions and outcomes from the world of data, announced the general availability of Splunk Connected Experiences and Splunk Business Flow – new products that bring Splunk customers even closer to their data.

Splunk Connected Experiences deliver insights on-the-go through augmented reality (AR), mobile devices like the iPhone, and mobile applications that provide users with the ability to access their data anywhere and at anytime.

Splunk Business Flow brings the power of data to business operations professionals who can now easily explore and visualize their business processes and customer experiences to make data-driven decisions that help increase the bottom line. Customers can visit the Splunk website to get started with Splunk Connected Experiences and Splunk Business Flow.

“The way people work and the way they expect to work has rapidly changed because of mobile and augmented reality technologies, which organizations should be adopting in order to stay competitive now and in the future,” said Tim Tully, chief technology officer, Splunk.

“Our vision is to give people access to data with the power of Splunk through these key technologies, whenever and wherever they need it. Our latest innovations, built on Splunk’s powerful platform, open up investigative capabilities by simplifying access to data, empowering every user to work smarter and helping them deliver business value for their organization.”

Analyzing data and acting on insights anywhere with Splunk Connected Experiences

With Splunk Connected Experiences, Splunk makes information accessible to non-technical users, helping bring the power of data to their work. These users can now access Splunk dashboards through AR, mobile applications and devices at anytime, empowering them to investigate and act on business challenges more easily and with greater confidence.

Splunk Connected Experiences is now generally available and includes:

  • Splunk Cloud Gateway provides a secure cloud service with end-to-end encryption that allows for easy mobile engagement by installing Splunk Enterprise app for Mobile on Splunkbase.
  • Splunk Mobile provides core Splunk Enterprise users with actionable alerts and mobile-friendly dashboards on their mobile devices through our Splunk Mobile App. Alerts will provide users with the option to take an action directly versus having to log into another system. Dashboards will be embedded in related alerts and easier to see on mobile devices including access to dashboards via Apple Watch. The Splunk Mobile App for iPhone and Apple Watch is free to download through the App Store.
  • Splunk TV is a native Apple TV app that allows customers to securely view Splunk dashboards on any peripheral device instead of dedicated PCs for a better viewing experience. The Splunk TV app is only available from the App Store on Apple TV.
  • Splunk Augmented Reality (AR) provides direct access to the Splunk dashboard by simply scanning a QR code or NFC tag that is pasted to a specific server rack, or any real-world object, with a mobile device. Splunk AR is available through the Splunk Mobile App, and can be used in multiple environments, whether it’s IT and server logs or equipment health data that could affect plant downtime. The Splunk AR App for iPhone and iPad is free to download through the App Store.

“We count on the flexibility that Splunk Enterprise provides us to deliver premier government services and cyber support to our public sector customers,” said Aidan Neighbor, cyber solutions developer, Science Applications International Corporation.

“We are excited about the possibilities that Splunk Mobile’s on-the-go capabilities can add to the existing platform.”

Splunk business flow empowers new users to improve business processes and customer experiences

Created for business operations professionals who are responsible for overseeing business processes and ensuring positive customer experiences, Splunk Business Flow provides an easy-to-use process mining solution to quickly discover bottlenecks that threaten business performance, while helping to identify opportunities for improvement.

Built on the Splunk platform, Business Flow enables users to:

  • Correlate data from multiple data systems without delays from manual data integration or analysis.
  • Visualize actual end-to-end business processes–and explore variances and issues–with an easy-to-use, patent-pending interface.
  • Investigate the potential root causes behind business process issues to quickly improve efficiencies.

“As a large European retailer processing millions of customer transactions per hour, getting visibility into Otto’s most critical and most heterogeneous digital processes is very challenging and time-consuming today,” says Andre Pietsch, Product Owner, Otto Group.

“Using Splunk Business Flow, we can get immediate visibility of our data and can enable our business to easily access and understand how to increase our conversion rates and decrease our cycle times.”

Splunk modernizes and unifies IT monitoring experience across entire organization

Splunk further expanded its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to deliver a modern IT Operations suite that includes infrastructure monitoring, service monitoring, automation, AIOps and incident response.

This modern suite simplifies IT operations from one data platform, and enables both infrastructure and operations teams to get more context around an incident, resolve it faster, and get time back to focus on what matters.

Splunk’s new monitoring suite for modern IT Ops includes new versions of Splunk IT Service Intelligence 4.2, Splunk App for Infrastructure 1.3 (which is now included with Splunk ITSI), and integrations with Splunk VictorOps and Splunk Phantom.

Now generally available, this release delivers deeper integrations, more seamless workflows, and more powerful capabilities, including predictive analytics, service intelligence, event management, operations automation, and IT infrastructure monitoring all on one industry-recognized platform for AIOps.

Splunk powers the future of security analytics operations

With massive data growth, organizations are seeing the volume of security risks rise every day. With Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) 5.3, Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA) 4.3 and Splunk Phantom 4.2, customers can leverage all security-relevant data to accelerate threat detection and scale operations, simplify investigations of internal and external threats, and automate their security operations centers (SOC).

The combined power of ES, UBA and Phantom continues to dramatically shift how organizations are solving their toughest security challenges by turning data into insights, and insights into actions.

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