Ztudium launches Blocksdna, an AI blockchain operative system and app

Ztudium, a leading technology specialist and consultancy, has announced the launching of Blocksdna, a revolutionary AI blockchain operative system and app. A white label solution that will allow organisations and their customers to get the most out of the blockchain technology.

Blocksdna can be described as a blockchain-based mobile app and a white label technology that brings together P2P Messaging, support for crypto and FIAT wallet, payments, digital ID, a reward engine and a marketplace.

Its main purpose is to facilitate simple and fast communication between companies and their clients, making them as smooth and hassle-free as they can be. To do so, it features a state-of-art back-end platform with the latest AI technology.

The way consumers engage with each other has changed drastically in recent times. On mobile devices, the change is even more evident: Only five apps gather most of a user’s daily interactions. Out of them, four are based on messaging and social media. However, most apps offer a limited array of specs.

Blocksdna has set its focus on those that are more in demand and put them together in a single, easy-to-use white label technology. They aim to “help business and organisations to connect with their users where they are.”

Its integrated technology allows for users to interact with each other directly through the messaging amidst being able to send/receive money from their customized wallet. As a special feature, blocksdna’s wallet will allow users to pay using both Fita and cryptocurrency securely. An open marketplace is already integrated within the app, taking mobile e-commerce to new standards.

A special feature has been added recently to the app. A brand new AI-based reward engine will compensate users that interact with the app in multiple ways. These reward points can be exchanged for money and other benefits from the apps many offerings.

The blockchain platform which Blocksdna is based on plays an important role in the app. Blockchain is well known lately for its safety and decentralized characteristics. Companies can benefit greatly from this as the back-end technology is ready to use while its front-end can easily be modified depending on their needs.

Dinis Guarda, CEO of Ztudium said about why choose blockchain technology for its latest solution: “The similarities between the development of blockchain/crypto and the Internet are quite evident to all of us. However Blockchain is not just crypto, effectively Blockchain is a technology that enables crypto.

“When we speak about Blockchain technology we cannot put it all in the same basket. Blockchain’s architecture is large. Just as we speak about the internet as a holistic platform, we need to apply the same viewpoint to Blockchain tech.”

This month, Ztudium has been accepted into the prestigious European AI Alliance. This allows Ztudium access to the experts of the AI HLEG, established by the European Commission.

By being accepted into the Alliance, Ztudium will test their software against seven key requirements that AI systems should meet in order to be trustworthy and provide their feedback and input to further development of Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI. By being part of the alliance, Ztudium will be able to offer input and feedback to the AI HLEG.

The AI HLEG will be able to utilise Ztudiums input when preparing its draft AI Ethics Guidelines and completing other important work. In addition, the discussions Ztudium will be part of will directly contribute to the European debate on AI, feeding into the European Commission’s policy-making in this area.

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