New infosec products of the week: May 10, 2019

D3 operationalizes the MITRE ATT&CK framework, advancing its SOAR platform

Ushering in a shift from event-based to intent-based response, D3’s SOAR 2.0 treats events as links in a chain of adversarial intent, rather than as isolated occurrences. This allows security teams to proactively intervene before the chain is complete, armed with a reliable understanding of what the attack is, how far it has progressed, and what the adversary is likely to do next.

infosec products may 2019

MobileIron introduces zero sign-on technology to eliminate passwords

MobileIron introduces the industry’s first mobile-centric, zero trust security platform. MobileIron’s mobile-centric strategy allows for continuous enforcement and protection of data, both on the device and on the network, with comprehensive correlation between the critical signals for zero trust: user, device, apps, networks, and threats.

infosec products may 2019

Endace launches new platform for monitoring in 10GbE networks

The EndaceProbe 8200 Series Analytics Platform for monitoring in 10GbE networks combines 100% accurate packet capture with deep storage capacity, rapid search capability and impressive hosting density in a very compact 2RU footprint. The hosting environment enables easy deployment of multiple security and performance analytics solutions from Endace’s Fusion partners, as well as from open source projects.

infosec products may 2019

NeuVector’s new container risk assessment/visibility capabilities for security teams released

NeuVector announced new capabilities to help container security teams better assess the security posture of their deployed services in production. New dashboard widgets and downloadable reports provide security risk scores for the most critical run-time attack risks: network-based attacks and vulnerability exploits in containers. Specifically, NeuVector now delivers an intelligent assessment of the risk of east-west attacks, ingress and egress connections, and damaging vulnerability exploits.

infosec products may 2019

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