ACL and Rsam unveil new brand and product platform

ACL, together with recently-acquired Rsam, announced that they have rebranded as Galvanize. The company also unveiled its integrated governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform HighBond, the only fully integrated, true SaaS product platform offering a suite of GRC use cases.

HighBond is the only GRC platform offering seamless data integration across enterprise systems, enabling powerful robotic process automation and advanced analytics. These are the latest moves in the company’s strategy to consolidate the $40-billion GRC software market.

“We are here to be the company that transforms the role of GRC software in managing organizational risk and performance, similar to how consolidated customer relationship management (CRM),” said Laurie Schultz, President and CEO of Galvanize.

“I talk to security, risk, and compliance professionals around the world and there is remarkable consistency in their experience: existing GRC products or spreadsheets don’t help them drive change because they are expensive to own and hard to use, because they take outdated approaches, and because it takes multiple products to get only part of the job done.

“We chose Galvanize as our new brand because it embodies our vision of making GRC professionals the most sought-after people in their organizations, based on their ability to catalyze change by bonding organizational silos in pursuit of a consolidated view of risk and a new level of security protection. Our HighBond platform strengthens organizations to do heroic work.”

Powered by ACL and Rsam, the HighBond platform by Galvanize is rapidly displacing legacy GRC software products such as RSA Archer, IBM OpenPages, and MetricStream.

It is fundamentally less expensive to own, easier to deploy, faster for users to adopt, and much more powerful in driving actionable executive risk intelligence thanks to its intuitive design, built-in best practices, and unique robotic process automation capabilities.

HighBond is already bringing impactful change to 72% of the Fortune 500 and more than 900 government organizations around the world. Customers experience an average 413% return on investment and net customer retention exceeds 100%.

The HighBond platform offers customers an out-of-the-box solution for common risk areas like third-party risk management, internal audit management, security incident management, and many others. The platform also supports a clear, simple path for expanding into new use cases towards a fully mature and integrated GRC program.

According to GRC industry thought leader Michael Rasmussen, “The GRC software industry is a massive, growing market supported by over 800 solutions, many of these very niche, and it is due for consolidation.

“The combination of ACL and Rsam creates a compelling value proposition for customers seeking a single SaaS GRC vendor with outstanding data automation capability at a measurable value of efficiency, effectiveness, and ability. Galvanize is one of the new generation of agile GRC solutions to watch.”

Earlier this year, ACL acquired Rsam, immediately doubling R&D capacity and accelerating the delivery of innovation to 7,000 customers in 135 countries. The acquisition and rebrand followed a $70M strategic investment by Norwest Venture Partners starting in 2017 and over 60% organic GRC growth in the past 12 months.

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