At-Bay launches excess cyber insurance policy for clients up to $5Bn revenue

At-Bay launched an excess cyber insurance policy for clients across all industry classes. At-Bay developed this product to fulfill broker demand for access to the At-Bay Security Team for organizations with insurance towers.

The At-Bay Security Team provides insureds with ongoing vulnerability scanning, threat monitoring, and 24/7 support to help prevent loss. With the new product launch, At-Bay has made these security services available to Excess clients.

“We wanted to create an excess program for our clients that doesn’t just provide capacity, but rather provides smart capacity that helps all parties avoid loss, including the underlying limits,” said Brett Sadoff, At-Bay’s Head of Insurance.

“Proactive risk management is the future of cyber insurance and we are very happy to bring this to market for our customers.”

In addition to monitoring clients throughout the lifetime of their policy, the At-Bay Security Team reviews prospective clients during the underwriting process.

The team built its own security scanning technology and risk model to augment traditional underwriting methods. With access to deep security insights, At-Bay can underwrite more confidently, provide better coverage, and provide prices that match the quality of the client’s security.

At-Bay’s excess product compliments their primary cyber insurance product that is available to select broker partners. At-Bay offers both primary and excess limits up to $10M for clients up to $5B in annual revenue across all 50 states and Washington D.C.

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