QuintessenceLabs to extend support for RSA Data Protection Manager software customers

QuintessenceLabs has announced a partnership to allow customers of RSA Data Protection Manager software (DPM) to receive extended support beyond the RSA DPM End-Of-Life date of September 30, 2019.

As part of this agreement, QuintessenceLabs will provide the same level of enterprise-class support, Service Level Objectives and product quality as RSA provided. RSA DPM customers can renew their DPM maintenance contract directly with QuintessenceLabs to benefit from long-term DPM support.

QuintessenceLabs is also providing a migration path and solution in the form of QuintessenceLabs’ qCrypt Encryption Key and Policy Manager. RSA DPM customers may choose to evaluate QuintessenceLabs’ solution for eventual migration and replacement of RSA DPM.

“RSA is committed to providing customers with the products, services and support that meet and exceed their expectations,” said Geyer Jones, Head of Global Business Operations, RSA.

“The goal of this partnership with QuintessenceLabs is to enable a seamless migration path while delivering the same level of end-to-end data protection that saves them time and money on operational costs.”

qCrypt is a comprehensive key and policy management platform that is designed to interface with existing security architectures. qCrypt users can also choose to leverage the power of an integrated high-speed quantum random number generator and FIPS 140-2 HSM, to build the strongest foundation for their data protection. QuintessenceLabs has a broad ecosystem of product integrations to further meet data protection needs without disrupting business.

“We are delighted to partner with RSA and deliver their RSA DPM customers with the level of support that they expect and need through and beyond this end of life process,” said Skip Norton, Head of Sales at QuintessenceLabs.

“We are proud of our unique quantum-enhanced data protection offering and look forward to introducing it to RSA DPM customers in the months ahead.”

The RSA DPM end-of-life products include the RSA Data Protection Manager Appliance, RSA DPM Key Client, and RSA DPM Token Client.

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