Wiwynn unveils Edge Platform 100 based on Nokia-led OCP OpenEDGE specification

Wiwynn, an innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider for data centers, today unveils its novel Edge Platform 100(EP100) based on Nokia-led OCP OpenEDGE specification. The flexible and efficient platform enables diverse applications requiring low latency and huge data-processing capabilities at edge sites for the upcoming 5G era.

“We are thrilled to embrace edge cloud opportunities in the 5G era by applying Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware and initiating an open firmware development kit,” said Dr. Sunlai Chang, Senior Vice President and CTO of Wiwynn. “Wiwynn EP100 enables communication service providers to address diverse low-latency data processing demands of Cloud RAN and modern central offices with a flexible and high-efficiency architecture at a balanced cost.”

Wiwynn EP100 is a 3U edge system based on Nokia-led OCP OpenEDGE specification. It supports up to five 1U half-width servers and can flexibly configure with 2U half-width and 1U full-width server sleds. Communication service providers can also scale computing power by adding more EP100 systems for applications ranging from base stations to regional central offices.

“Nokia AirFrame open edge launched April 2018 welcomes Wiwynn’s adoption of the Nokia led OCP OpenEDGE specification, with this announcement of a new equipment provider for enclosure and sled designs. Wiwynn’s contribution to OCP OpenEDGE is an important step forward in the creation of a healthy ecosystem and providing Far Edge Data Center Equipment consumers with multi-source procurement options to avoid vendor lock-in,” said Hannu Nikurautio, Head of Cloud RAN Product Management of Nokia.

With the chassis-based power supplies and management, EP100 delivers high power efficiency and easy management for edge sites. Wiwynn is developing a software stack with OpenRMC, OpenBMC, and OSF (Open System Firmware) to enhance management for the open system. Furthermore, Wiwynn will also contribute the firmware development kit to invite more ecosystem partners to join and innovate upon it.

“Open source hardware is essential to the enhancement of efficient, open and scalable data centers, and Wiwynn has been embracing these principles of open sourcing cloud technology with their active participation and contributions to the community,” said Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer of the OCP Foundation. “We are encouraged by Wiwynn’s new edge platform development with the OCP OpenEDGE Project and their work on contributing an open firmware development kit to speed up the open ecosystem growing that brings technology and benefits to the telco industry.”

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