Axonius cybersecurity asset management app now available on Cortex by Palo Alto Networks

Axonius announced the availability of its cybersecurity asset management app on Cortex by Palo Alto Networks – the industry’s only open and integrated AI-based continuous security platform.

Building on Cortex allows partners to use normalized and stitched together data from customers’ entire enterprises to build cloud-based apps that constantly deliver innovative cybersecurity capabilities to joint customers.

The cybersecurity asset management platform from Axonius gives organizations complete visibility and automated policy validation on all assets, devices, and users through a radically simple approach: by seamlessly connecting to the solutions customers are already using, the system collects and correlates all asset-related information to provide a full inventory of every desktop, laptop, server, VM, cloud instance, mobile device, IoT device and more.

The Axonius app on Cortex arms customers with a comprehensive asset inventory to show gaps in security solution coverage, and offers automated action through Palo Alto Networks infrastructure.

“The strength of the Axonius platform comes from its ability to integrate with over 120 security and management solutions our customers already have like Palo Alto Networks,” said Dean Sysman, CEO and Co-Founder at Axonius. “We’re excited to use detailed asset information from Cortex Data Lake to provide context to customers’ devices so they can make sure all assets adhere to their security policies.”

“Cortex partners can leverage the vast amount of rich data available from across the enterprise to create AI-based innovations that provide more automated and accurate security outcomes to our joint customers,” said Karan Gupta, SVP of Engineering for Cortex at Palo Alto Networks. “We’re proud to welcome Axonius to our expanding ecosystem of developers building innovative apps.”

Cortex is designed to radically simplify and significantly improve security outcomes. Deployed on a global, scalable public cloud platform, Cortex allows security teams to speed the analysis of massive data sets. Cortex is enabled by the Cortex Data Lake, where customers can securely and privately store and analyze large amounts of data normalized for advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to find threats and orchestrate responses quickly.

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