New Context LS/IQ Lite: Measure your security and compliance posture

New Context, a in cybersecurity for highly regulated industries, launched LS/IQ Lite, a complementary subset of LS/IQ. It is designed to help enterprises see the potential of LS/IQ, a solution to implement Secure DevOps and deliver Secure Compliant Data Platforms.

“Our LS/IQ early adopters are already seeing significant value in using the platform,” said Andrew Storms, VP of Product at New Context. “I am thrilled to offer a complimentary LS/IQ Lite score to help organizations improve their infrastructure. The real value of Lean Security and LS/IQ is a consistent framework for secure DevOps for organizations to be able to measure their maturity and capabilities.”

LS/IQ Lite is the first tool that New Context has deployed to score the capabilities of Lean Security, a Secure DevOps framework within their organization. The methodology is used to analyze an enterprise’s infrastructure, people and processes and determine not only its security posture, but also provide a practical roadmap for improvements.

LS/IQ Lite calculates a score which indicates the customer’s current security posture and gives high-level guidelines on how to improve. For those organizations that want to go deeper and broader into this tool, they can subscribe to the full LS/IQ product. Lean Security is based on the decades of accumulated Secure DevOps experience by New Context security engineers delivering secure and compliant data platforms to enterprises that operate critical infrastructure.

“We have been an early adopter of LS/IQ and the solution delivers the detailed analysis and prescriptive guidance we were looking for to produce secure and compliant software,” said Dan Feshbach, Founder/CEO at MeasureOne. “New Context’s decades of experience guarantees the value of the ratings and the roadmap for improvements. LS/IQ Lite is a great way to get started and envision the power of LS/IQ.”

“I founded New Context to keep the connected world safe. Early in our practice, we created a methodology, Lean Security, to codify our Secure DevOps process and provide data security and compliance at the heart of software development,” said Daniel Riedel, Founder and CEO, New Context, Inc. “With LS/IQ and its complementary LS/IQ Lite Initial Score, we are offering great tools for enterprises who want to make sure the software they build or use is secure and compliant, making them more competitive and resilient businesses.”

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