Sixgill’s new cyber threat intelligence platform is tailored to meet the needs of MSSPs

Sixgill, a leading cyber threat intelligence vendor that automates the monitoring, collection and analysis of exclusive-access deep, dark, and surface web sources to detect threats and alert customers of potential cyber-attacks, launched of its new cyber threat intelligence platform tailored to meet the needs of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

With threats to organizations becoming more advanced, Sixgill’s solution equips MSSPs with automatic threat intelligence insights about their customers in real time, from the convenience of a single dashboard. Sixgill was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Security Operations Threat Intelligence in 2019.

With cybercrime exponentially on the rise many organizations outsource their security to MSSPs for the right combination of people and technology to protect their data. However, as these threats become more advanced, so should the technology.

Sixgill’s new automated cyber threat intelligence solution was designed to equip MSSPs with the ability to outsmart the latest threats and ultimately give customers the coverage and peace of mind that they paid for. While existing solutions are manual in nature, Sixgill’s platform scours Deep and Dark, and surface web sources to automatically provide accurate threat intelligence in real time to MSSPs, via its easy to use dashboard.

Sixgill’s solution also offers its users to:

  • Gather intelligence based on multiple sectors: Finance, retail, energy, health care, aviation, and more.
  • Receive actionable, automatic alerts immediately: Users can solve or dismiss the threat based on Sixgill’s recommended steps.
  • Handle countless alerts: The platform showcases Sixgill’s ability to handle countless alerts to an unlimited number of customers on one screen.

“More than a dozen MSSPs have already taken advantage of Sixgill’s MSSP solution. Managed Security Service Providers that provide cyber security for multiple customers don’t have the time to sift through every single alert that comes in,” said Sharon Wagner, Sixgill’s CEO. “That’s why we launched Sixgill’s multi-tenant platform to provide intelligence and recommended actions. It is a great solution for security providers looking to broaden their threat intelligence capabilities, and handle thousands of alerts simply and efficiently.”

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