Whitebox Designer from Inside Secure protects cryptographic keys and operations

Inside Secure announced general availability of Whitebox Designer, its new software security tool that arms vehicle app developers, IoT device developers and OEMs with new levels of protection, reduced time to market, and simplified creation of crypto architectures.

Reverse engineering and key extraction attacks can cause irreparable damage to reputations and sales. Developers know they must prioritize software security – but they often struggle with finding a proven and reliable security tool that meets their specific needs. Inside Secure Whitebox Designer allows them to easily design, build and customize their own secure crypto architecture, featuring:

  • Unmatched simplicity – Without the need to hire dedicated security experts, it’s fast and easy to draw up your architecture to maximize performance.
  • Graphical representation of your architecture – Clear visuals to translate complicated cryptographic concepts to understandable architecture.
  • Always-valid architectures – With error validation, checks are in place to continually validate your architecture.

“Whitebox Designer is our latest innovation designed to simplify security for developers, including those focused on connected car apps and IoT devices, without the need to rely on dedicated security hardware,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, Chief Strategy Officer at Inside Secure. “Whitebox Designer illustrates Inside Secure’s commitment to bringing flexibility to our customers. Crypto algorithms can be combined within the architecture, embedded keys can be easily changed, and it takes days instead of months. This brings a new level of efficiency that competing solutions simply do not offer.”

Whitebox Designer can run anywhere, as it is OS and middleware agnostic. It provides pre-generated whiteboxes as needed to streamline and fortify the architecture, taking the heavy lifting away from the software developer.

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