Brinqa appoints Will Droste as CTO

Brinqa, the pioneer in knowledge-driven cyber risk services, announced it has named former Sun Microsystems and Arris technology leader Will Droste as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Droste will lead the company’s Technology Innovation Center and drive the continued growth of the Brinqa Cybersecurity Ecosystem, reporting directly to CEO Amad Fida.

“Getting more out of their security investments is top of mind for organizations around the globe and requires a knowledge-driven conversation,” said Amad Fida, CEO of Brinqa.

“Will is an experienced technology leader with a successful track record of instrumenting integrated ecosystems, driving leading-edge technology strategy, and delivering data-driven cybersecurity solutions at the largest scale. He is uniquely qualified to help us lead the charge for a new generation of knowledge-driven, risk-centric cybersecurity solutions and meet growing global demand.”

Droste brings more than 20 years of experience in designing, developing and implementing big data security platforms for the world’s largest companies to Brinqa. In his most recent position at Arris, he delivered a customer data collection platform for millions of devices, processing nearly 8 billion requests per day.

At Sun Microsystems, he architected and built the Identity Connector Framework, which aggregated critical security data into a cohesive solution enabling organizations to mitigate risk and prove compliance.

Under Droste’s leadership, the Brinqa Technology Innovation Center will focus on developing cutting-edge, high-performance solutions to the most critical, data-intensive cybersecurity problems of today.

He will drive the next generation of innovations for the Brinqa Cybersecurity Ecosystem, already the largest in the industry with more than 150 integrations to a variety of cybersecurity and business data sources, making it the nervous system that supports and informs all of an organization’s cyber risk decisions.

“Businesses continue to be attacked by bad guys who are only getting smarter and using the move to cloud-based assets and applications as a way to mask their patterns,” said Droste.

“To protect against them, organizations must bring teams, tools, and data together to facilitate informed, knowledge-driven decisions. I have been impressed with how Brinqa Cyber Risk Services leverage innovations in graph technology, integrated ecosystems, and process automation to help businesses address the risk and security complexities of today’s enterprise technology environments. I am very excited about this opportunity to drive Brinqa’s innovation strategy and technology ecosystem even further.”

Brinqa Cyber Risk Services were built for security; transforming security, context and threat data into insights that empower organizations to own their cyber risk. Brinqa Cyber Risk Graph – the knowledge graph for cybersecurity – connects all relevant security and business data, establishes a common risk language, and powers cybersecurity insights and outcomes.

Brinqa Cyber Risk Services apply this knowledge to uniquely inform risk management strategies, standardize security data management and analysis, improve communication between teams, deliver actionable insights, and automate risk remediation.

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