SoftwareAG launches webMethods Service Designer for building integrations and APIs

Software AG unveiled webMethods Service Designer, a lightweight integrated design and development tool for building integrations and APIs. This tool provides users free access with a one year trial license to develop Flow services, APIs and integrations using Eclipse and generate unit test cases for the purpose of DevOps automation.

Lightweight and easy to install and set up, the download comes with a simplified view of the Service Development perspective coupled with VCS integration capabilities, along with the Eclipse E-Git plugin. It can be used for developing, editing, testing and debugging APIs and their underlying services.

“The digital age is creating new business models and new opportunities virtually overnight,” said Stefan Sigg, Software AG’s Chief Product Officer.

“To compete, you need to harness your digital DNA by connecting business apps, devices, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and hybrid cloud and quickly be ready for what’s next. The webMethods Service Designer offers a lightweight possibility to do just that – be ready virtually overnight for whatever comes next.”

webMethods Service Designer: Free download

This free download is available in the Software AG TECHcommunity. Users can get started by just downloading the zip file, where they can extract it and get started creating APIs and services instantly. The download includes:

  • Service Development plugin for designing and developing Integration Server assets (such as services, APIs, document types, triggers, and web service descriptors) and managing them with version control.
  • Unit Test Framework for creating unit tests for the services, included in Continuous Integration for build verification.
  • JDBC connectivity for integrating with SQL-based databases.
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