CyberSaint launches new features within the CyberStrong integrated risk management platform

CyberSaint Security, the developer of the industry’s leading platform for automated, intelligent risk and compliance, announced the general availability of new features within the CyberStrong integrated risk management platform, enabling customers to leverage Governance Dashboards that clearly illustrate their enterprise-wide cybersecurity posture in business terms.

CEOs and Boards of Directors increasingly rely on cybersecurity compliance and risk analysis to make better business decisions, and confidence from business-side leadership is necessary for security program success as well as business growth.

Developed in response to market trends and valuable input from CyberSaint’s customer base, CyberStrong’s new Governance Dashboards fundamentally improve the discussions between CISOs and their CEOs, and empower CEOs to better communicate cybersecurity posture and progress in the Boardroom.

With CyberStrong, CEOs easily visualize cybersecurity compliance and risk across business units, locations, regions, level of severity, or any other custom view in a way that is contextualized and simplified for impactful business discussion.

Customers rely on CyberStrong as the only out-of-the-box integrated risk management platform that leverages a flexible interface, ground-breaking ease of use, and a near-zero implementation time to allow enterprises to automate risk and compliance management at scale.

The platform also offers patented remediation action planning optimizations, real-time mappings from vulnerabilities to control prioritization, and automated reports for teams, managers, security leaders and the C-suite.

CyberStrong Governance Dashboards present cybersecurity risk and compliance posture in business context

“More and more CEOs we speak with are now required to report on their company’s cybersecurity posture in terms of business units and global locations,” said Jerry Layden, CyberSaint Chief Revenue Officer. “Our new Governance Dashboards deliver real-time compliance and risk reporting that enables every CEO to provide Board-level assurance.”

CyberStrong grounds risk and compliance programs in meaningful metrics yet, in the Boardroom, CEOs must go beyond metrics to give context to cybersecurity programs and initiatives. CyberStrong leverages credible, quantitative metrics combined with simplified, qualitative data to facilitate improved Board-level conversations around cybersecurity.

CyberStrong’s Governance Dashboards are available out-of-the-box for all customers

  • Present a clear and measured cybersecurity posture by business unit, department, location, asset types, initiatives and more
  • Aggregate tens, hundreds, or thousands of compliance and risk initiatives into business-friendly visuals and graphs
  • Automatically benchmark an enterprise-wide cybersecurity posture against the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Functions and Control Families
  • Combine quantitative and qualitative methods that allow CISOs to give meaningful cybersecurity metrics to CEOs, and through their CEOs to the Board
  • Ground cybersecurity discussions in gold-standard methodologies and benchmarks that easily translate between business and technical stakeholders
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