Progress unveils new version of Corticon business rules management solution

Progress, the leading provider of application development and digital experience technologies, announced the latest release of the Progress Corticon business rules management solution.

As part of Progress’ strategy to simplify and streamline business decision management, Corticon 6.0 now includes faster support for REST data connectivity, providing a more efficient means of connecting to REST APIs and extracting the data necessary to fuel improved decision making.

In addition, the release introduces a new, simpler architecture for .NET server, enabling users to execute decisions three times faster and with more reliability.

Support for accessing REST services

Corticon 6.0 expands the data integration capabilities of Corticon with the introduction of a new REST data source. The amount of data and data sources leveraged across enterprise, mobile and web applications continue to grow exponentially. Because of this, data sources are becoming more disparate, making REST APIs an increasingly popular way to access enterprise data.

By embedding the Progress DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector—an intelligent, customizable data connectivity solution enabling lightning-fast, codeless connections between applications and REST API data sources—Corticon customers are now able to connect to the vast variety of data sources necessary to inform digital decision making within minutes.

“Automating decision management with Corticon enables us to strengthen our applications and keep pace with change,” said Maxine Bossard, Information Systems Manager, April Marine. “Given that Corticon is at the heart of our future information systems, the new REST support will greatly facilitate our use of REST data to drive digital decisioning.”

New .NET server architecture

Corticon’s Java implementation option powers some of the most scalable business rule implementations in the world, and with Corticon 6.0 that same speed and scalability is introduced in .NET providing as much as three times faster throughput and eliminating the need for cross-compiling.

.NET users now have the architecture flexibility to use both in-process and Microsoft IIS deployment.

“Organizations are driving harder than ever for increased effectiveness and agility in business operations. The ease with which you can capture, change and optimize the rules that run your business either promotes or inhibits the agility of your organization. It also impacts the consistency, quality and speed of your decisions – which goes straight to your bottom line,” said John Ainsworth, SVP, Core Products, Progress.

“With this release, Progress Corticon delivers a faster, more powerful, and easy to use automated digital decisioning system that tames the complex market dynamics, policies and regulatory rules enterprises face without user, performance, platform or data limitations.”

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