Dispersive Networks demonstrates its networking solution at the Joint Innovation Battle Lab

Dispersive Networks, a provider of ultra-secure networking for mission-critical solutions, was invited to demonstrate its Dispersive Virtual Network (DVN) multi-path solution in a Special Operations Force (SOF) Joint Innovation Battle Lab (JIBL).

The network solution provider was invited by event hosts to provide the solution as a TIER 1 resource for the entire event.

The event has been running for 15 years. It establishes a collaborative work environment for SOF, Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), & Federal Law Enforcement (FLE) organizations to push systems and concepts to failure in a controlled environment.

The contributors receive instant feedback on functionality and are given the opportunity to incorporate technology from other attendees to build a more-beneficial solution.

“It’s an honor for us to have been chosen as a Tier 1 resource for the Joint Innovation Battle Lab. We’re extremely proud of our military-grade technology, and after three years of being evaluated at the event, it’s a huge milestone for us,” said Ed Wood, President, and CEO at Dispersive Networks.

“Our DVN solution was built to support mission-critical scenarios in the harshest environments. We value the Joint Innovation Battle Lab as it not only allows us to experiment in real-world scenarios but also experiment with collaboration and integration with other participants.”

Inspired by battlefield-proven wireless techniques, DVN is a multi-path software-defined networking overlay solution. It sends packets via multiple streams to deliver new levels of security, reliability, and performance.

By splitting and encrypting the individual streams, the network becomes immune to man-in-the-middle attacks as interceptors can’t see what is being shared. During the JIBL, the solution was tested on various strategic scenarios.

It successfully supported and facilitated communications across diverse and disparate networks and enhanced mission capabilities on multiple platforms.

“We look forward to the Joint Innovation Battle Lab every year. It’s a great opportunity for us to test our solution, and more importantly learn about the new tactical, operational, and strategic challenges the military is facing,” said Tom Dougherty, Vice President, Federal at Dispersive Networks.

“Our technology was inspired by spread spectrum and frequency hopping techniques utilized by the military, so supporting MilGov operations is something we’ve been dedicated to since the company launched. We’re proud to have been recognized in this space and will continue to evolve our solution to support new and dynamic mission-critical scenarios as they arise.”

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