Alfresco Migration Service to help orgs move off legacy platforms and migrate to the cloud

Alfresco Software, a commercial, open source software company, launched the Alfresco Migration Service to help enterprises move off outdated, legacy platforms, while mitigating the risk of migrating content to the cloud.

Alfresco has completed many migrations and, based on this experience, created the Migration Service with a migration toolkit, skilled consultancy, and a robust 5-week process.

Today’s enterprises need the modern deployment capabilities, hyper-scale and agility of the cloud and yet remain concerned about the complexity, effort and cost of migration. According to Gartner, “by 2022, cloud shift across key enterprise IT markets will increase to 28% (up from 19% in 2018).”

Alfresco CEO Bernadette Nixon noted: “We are already seeing increased demand today from enterprises and government agencies, who want to move off legacy systems and migrate to the Cloud. However, they find a basic ‘lift and shift’ strategy moving their ECM platform to the cloud can be ineffective and risky.

“In fact, they seek an approach that provides both an uninterrupted service and de-risks the overall migration. Although there is no such thing as ‘a push button migration’, they do want a programmed approach that kick-starts their migration and enables them to continue the migration at their own pace – while enjoying the benefits of a modern, cloud-native platform.”

The new Alfresco Migration Service provides a step-by-step approach over a 5-week period comprising three key components:

  • Migration toolkit – A broad set of user tools, dashboards, analytics, content services connectors and migration servers from Alfresco that provide a comprehensive migration solution. The toolkit is scalable with automated capabilities to enable discovery, migration, auditing, and validation of data from multiple repositories, as well as easy integration with third-party tools to provide additional categorization, classification or analytics.
  • Skilled people – Experienced consultants, who have planned and delivered many large-scale, legacy system migrations, integrate best practices and transformation initiatives during the migration journey.
  • A robust process – A 5-week, field-proven process focused on efficiency and risk-mitigation. Alfresco professionals will audit the existing system, set up the migration tools and process, and educate all users on how to manage the migration. This ensures enterprises get the skills and knowledge they need in a clearly-defined process, at the end of which Alfresco professionals can execute the migration. Alternatively, the enterprise can opt to manage the execution of the migration themselves – allowing them to run their migration continuously over time using their own resources, and at their own pace.

Nixon continued: “Typical migrations can incorporate billions of documents that are stored across a multitude of repositories, databases and file stores.

“However, migration projects do not have to be ‘big bang’ endeavors, we believe a well-managed process based on best practices and industry experience over a clearly-defined period of time and at a fixed price is simply a better way. This approach ensures our customers have the necessary tools, skills and support to achieve a successful migration to the cloud.”

The Alfresco Migration Service enables enterprises to migrate billions of documents from legacy storage repositories (e.g., Documentum, DocuWare, Google Drive, Hadoop, IBM Content Manager, IBM FileNet, OpenText, Microsoft SharePoint and others) to Alfresco’s cloud-native Digital Business Platform, where it can be made more visible, actionable and valuable.

Nixon added: “Once they move to a modern content platform, enterprises and government agencies will gain the agility and innovation of cloud-native capabilities like containerization, microservices, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) that will enable them to ramp up their digital operations and gain a competitive advantage.”

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