Bitdefender 2020 gives consumers privacy amid a rising criminal tide

Bitdefender, the innovative cybersecurity solutions provider protecting 500 million machines worldwide, is proud to unveil Bitdefender 2020, its new cybersecurity line designed to give consumers complete privacy in an era of intrusion and total security amid a rising criminal tide.

The Bitdefender 2020 series of products is designed to overcome the most sophisticated attacks, including rampant invasion of privacy from criminal hackers, nosy companies and invasive websites, as well as history’s most sophisticated malware meant to steal or encrypt your data and even your identity.

Bitdefender’s latest consumer line of products introduces browser anti-tracking for both Windows and macOS. The feature lists all trackers behind any website the user visits and lets the user switch them off to control the information companies and third parties can compile about them.

And the new Microphone Monitor feature will reinforce Bitdefender’s existing web cam protection, notifying when unauthorized apps or programs access user’s microphone.

After years of leading the industry in fighting ransomware and illicit crypto-mining malware and other online threats, Bitdefender further advances its fight against online criminals with upgraded malware detection engines to stop the newest variants of those spreading threats.

The company will also launch the first real-time protection for iOS to block phishing scams. No matter the web browser, the new feature will block any dishonest page going after personal information such as credit card details or social security numbers.

Bitdefender 2020 also introduces the option to upgrade to the new Parental Control Premium, bolstering the existing Parental Control solution that lets parents block access to categories of websites, manage the time a child spends on the internet, and restrict access to certain programs, apps or games.

The new “Detection of Cyberbullying and Online Predators” feature, available in English-speaking countries, uses AI algorithms to scan online conversations for potential bullying, inappropriate photo requests or exchanges, meeting invites from strangers and disclosure of personal information like a home address or credit card details.

The child’s messages or photos are not shared with the parents — they only receive a heads up that explains the potential issue and are encouraged to talk with their child about it.

“After a year of intense research and innovation and observation of the latest trends in privacy and online crime, we are significantly advancing our long-standing defense of the consumer line with multi-layered ransomware protection, unique data privacy features and state-of-the-art anti-cyberbullying solutions,” said Ciprian Istrate, Bitdefender’s Vice President for Consumer Solutions.

“The Bitdefender 2020 addresses three major areas of concern in today’s threat landscape: malware, privacy and the safety of children.”

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