New infosec products of the week: July 19, 2019

Perimeter 81 ensures zero trust access to web applications without an agent

Zero Trust Application Access is designed to meet the demands of today’s ever-expanding modern network and ensure fully secured, isolated and agentless access to an organization’s critical web applications, SSH, RDP, VNC and Telnet in an emulated, streamlined and seamless way, regardless of where employees connect.

infosec products July 2019

Privitar extends data-protection and safe data-analysis capabilities of its Publisher product

With Privitar Publisher 3.0, companies can use its centralized, policy-based approach to data privacy more widely within their organizations, automate more processes, and make data available to data scientists more quickly. Publisher 3.0 also enables companies to create datasets for better data-driven insights, while retaining the privacy and security of sensitive personal information and comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR and the CCPA.

infosec products July 2019

42Crunch allows orgs to automate API security across Kubernetes environments

Through an automated platform, 42Crunch extends security beyond the edge of the enterprise to each individual microservice, protecting them with an ultra-low latency micro API firewall that can be deployed at scale. 42Crunch API firewall is 20 MB in size and when deployed in sidecar proxy mode in Kubernetes pods enforces API security with sub-millisecond overhead. This eliminates the manual process of writing and maintaining individual API security policies, and enforces a zero trust security architecture.

infosec products July 2019

CyberGRX Auto Inherent Risk provides users with immediate visibility into potential threats

CyberGRX Auto Inherent Risk automates what was once a very time-consuming and manual task, so users can rapidly identify and prioritize the third parties that create the most risk and perform the appropriate level of due diligence on them. This is a critical first step to effectively manage third-party cyber risk.

infosec products July 2019

Symantec’s new cloud access security solution enforces consistent security and data protection policies

In today’s business environment, there is a tremendous volume of enterprise network traffic directed to the cloud and internet. Regardless of the location or the device, users need direct, always-on access to cloud resources in order to be productive. Symantec’s latest solution innovations, part of the Integrated Cyber Defense Platform, enable enterprises to enforce consistent zero trust security policies for users accessing SaaS applications, corporate applications in IaaS environments, cloud-based email, and the internet.

infosec products July 2019

Enzoic for Active Directory offers real-time blocking and monitoring of unsafe passwords

Enzoic for Active Directory is the only Active Directory plugin to meet NIST 800-63b requirements for real-time blocking of unsafe passwords at set-up and provide continuous monitoring of those same passwords to ensure they don’t become vulnerable later. The service gives organizations new ammunition in the ongoing fight against the use of compromised passwords.

infosec products July 2019

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