SnapLogic Quick Start solution to help orgs quickly build and deploy cloud data lakes on AWS

SnapLogic, the #1 Intelligent Integration Platform provider, introduced a new Quick Start solution to help enterprises build and deploy cloud data lakes on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with speed and confidence.

Enterprises can now fast-track their cloud data lake projects by deploying SnapLogic components, AWS services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Redshift, and best practices from Agilisium Consulting.

To generate business value from their data, organizations are implementing cloud data lakes or data warehouses to consolidate, store, and manage all their business-critical information assets — whether structured or unstructured, internal or external — which in turn enables business analysts and data science teams to mine and analyze the data to drive better business decisions and outcomes.

Before a data lake initiative can produce value, organizations must first integrate, transform, and load large data sets, from multiple sources both on-premises and in the cloud, into the data lake. The new Quick Start solution from SnapLogic and Agilisium makes populating and getting a data lake up and running fast and easy.

The new Quick Start provides the following capabilities:

  • Enables self-service workflow by provisioning services and components required to build a data lake or data warehouse
  • Provides flexibility to spin up environments for development, test, and production
  • Includes an optional sample dataset and pre-built SnapLogic pipelines to help users understand the architecture and stages of the end-to-end data flow

Global higher education company Kaplan Test Prep turned to SnapLogic to connect disparate systems used to gather and manage information on student performance, customer issues, product usage, and company financials.

Kaplan successfully deployed the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform to move data from 50+ apps and data sources into a cloud-based data warehouse on AWS Redshift.

As a result, the company was able to enrich data reporting to fuel product and service innovation, reduce reporting time to value from weeks to days, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual operating costs.

“SnapLogic is a flexible, easy to use, visually appealing tool,” said Tapan Parekh, Director of Engineering and Architecture at Kaplan Test Prep.

“Over the years, SnapLogic has helped us integrate data seamlessly from our current legacy systems with minimal effort and time. They’ve enabled us to provide self-service capabilities across the different data domains by establishing a central source of truth and essentially acting as an accelerator of productivity for our business consumers.”

“Data is the new currency for business, and it must be made available on-demand to employees throughout the business without friction or limitation,” said Craig Stewart, SVP of Product at SnapLogic.

“To architect the modern analytics stack, organizations are investing in cloud-native, self-service integration platforms, data lakes, and analytic tools that work seamlessly together and accelerate time-to-value.

“With a free-flow of data at their fingertips, workers across the business can uncover new insights, make faster decisions, and take swift action that drives the business forward.”

“In line with Agilisium’s commitment to help organizations take the Data-to-Insight-Leap, we are thrilled to launch this Quick Start with SnapLogic which empowers businesses to set up the data lake and experiment with data, without the support of specialized IT skills,” said Raj Babu, Founder of Agilisium Consulting.

Quick Starts help organizations deploy popular technologies on AWS based on best practices for security and high availability. These accelerators reduce hundreds of manual procedures into just a few steps so organizations can build production environments quickly and start using it immediately.

Quick Starts include templates and other guides that provide organizations with step-by-step deployment instructions.

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