TMD Security integrates SALTO’s key-less locks in TMD Access Management

TMD Security announced that SALTO Systems, a worldwide leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art access door locks, will be the hardware partner for TMD’s Access Management solution for a wide variety of access points including ATM rooms, branches and datacentres.

TMD Security has integrated SALTO’s key-less locks in TMD Access Management, a single access scheduling and provision solution for ATMs and for a wide variety of access points that uses encrypted one-time-codes and mobile app instead of physical keys. The Access Management solution is currently available exclusively through TMD Security.

“We are proud to be integrating innovative SALTO hardware technology into our ‘game-changing’ Access Management solution,” said Cees Heuker of Hoek, CEO TMD Security.

“Our partnership with SALTO means we have a huge variety of high-security locks for a wide range of access points including ATM room, secure room, branch and datacentre. However, ‘next generation’ access management takes more than locks.

“TMD has combined these SALTO access door locks with certified high-security ATM locks from our partner Easthouse and integrated them into a single solution with the user-friendly mobile app and intelligent management software from our sister company, TMS ATM Software.

“A single access management solution for such a broad range of access points has never been possible before now.”

“We are excited by the positive response to TMD Access Management from ATM deployers, CITs and service providers,” added Cees.

“In addition to the financial industry, we have also had strong interest from the retail industry and utility companies who see the business benefits of our solution.

“They want to reduce the management overheads and costs associated with trying to manage physical keys and different protocols for access to their buildings. We are committed to help them reduce their operational costs, improve customer service and effectively protect their assets.”

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