Collibra’s new product enables a proactive approach to data privacy

Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, announced the launch of Collibra Privacy & Risk, a new enterprise-grade product that will empower organizations to proactively manage personal data assets by enabling compliance with privacy regulations, helping to protect data, and unlocking new opportunity from insights.

The latest addition to the Collibra platform, the new product includes modules for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and builds the foundation for a strong data culture that will be prepared for future regulatory requirements.

“Consumers and customers see data privacy and security as a fundamental right, and global organizations must adapt to this with a culture shift toward an ethical and thoughtful approach to data,” said Jim Cushman, Chief Product Officer for Collibra.

“With privacy regulations accelerating across the globe, Collibra is at the forefront of embracing data privacy not just as a compliance initiative, but serving as a strategic service that helps organizations liberate and democratize data for the purposes of exploring new analytics, developing new products, engaging and training AI and machine learning, and driving forward Data Intelligence.”

Collibra’s privacy capabilities support a sustainable approach to compliance. Organizations can manage data privacy policies, create and maintain a data process activity register, perform data protection impact assessments, and evidence compliance to regulators and other stakeholders.

Additionally, users will be able to complete data inventory and mapping, support the incident response management process, and monitor privacy by design.

Combined with Collibra Governance and Collibra Catalog, Collibra Privacy & Risk is the latest development in Collibra’s rapidly-expanding platform. Built with business users in mind, Collibra provides a cloud-based platform for all Data Citizens and workflows.

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