Absolute enhances its Enterprise Resilience Edition

Absolute, the leader in endpoint resilience, announced the latest update to its Enterprise Resilience Edition. The new release provides customers with increased operational efficiency, on-demand support through live chat and automated ability to apply and adjust security policies across computing devices.

The company also extended the self-healing capabilities of Application Persistence to the latest versions of Ivanti Management Suite.

Protecting hundreds or thousands of computers demands constant attention and can be daunting for IT teams when they can only see, manage or deploy updates to devices that are connected to a corporate network.

What’s more, roughly 60 percent of breaches typically involve a vulnerability for which a patch was already available, exposing critical oversight gaps for many security teams and leaving many endpoints running susceptible operating systems, application versions or having configurations that deviate from the required security standards to be compliant.

“Security and IT teams typically run lean on people and rarely have the time or personnel capable of automating workflows. Exposures become exploits and enterprise resilience is lost.

“These teams need a solution that not only can provide a single source of truth revealing the decay, collision and failure of all agents deployed, but can also automate changes and protections to reclaim their security posture in real-time,” said Christy Wyatt, chief executive officer at Absolute.

“IT and infosec teams need a single source of truth – and only Absolute can deliver that.”

With thirty new automated workflows and usability enhancements, the Absolute Reach Library offers the most flexible and extensible portfolio of endpoint command tools, enabling IT organizations to mitigate patch management issues through a total of 118 ready-made commands.

Noteworthy additions to Absolute Reach’s ready-to-use workflows include:

  • Windows Update Command: Pinpoint vulnerable devices with pending or failed Microsoft OS updates
  • Automated Log Analytics: Detect initial signs of endpoint security exposures and potential incidents by automatically discovering frequent and common issues from event logs
  • Windows Configuration Enforcement: Audit Windows features and local accounts on devices, as well as modify settings to maximize energy savings and ensure an optimal and consistent user experience

Absolute’s new Live Chat Support gives enterprise IT and security teams more options to connect with our tech support experts. Our Live Chat option is a consumer-like frictionless experience – no tickets, no email, no toll-free numbers.

On-demand chat support removes the dependency on legacy modes of technology support, ensuring Absolute customers receive real-time answers and information, so they can focus on their core business.

Absolute also unveiled greater flexibility for dynamically managing security policies across enterprise device fleets according to shifting security requirements. High-risk devices that hold sensitive data require stricter security policies, but the risk associated with each individual endpoint can fluctuate significantly over time depending on business needs.

Absolute now enables IT and security professionals to seamlessly and fluidly apply and adjust security policies to any endpoint or group of endpoints at any time. This means faster, simpler device scanning for sensitive data where and when required, and regular monitoring of the health of critical security controls, such as encryption or anti-malware across the entire fleet.

Additionally, IT teams can now improve endpoint resilience by extending the self-healing capabilities of Absolute’s Application Persistence to the latest versions of Ivanti Management Suite.

Finally, Absolute’s Application Persistence now provides more granularity and precision about the exact status of the device through the process of repairing any critical application, down to rebooting the entire device to complete the repair.

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