Hytera launches a new multi-mode advanced radio PTC680

Following the multi-mode advanced radio PTC760 series launched in 2017, which integrate mission critical voice and broadband data and provide an innovative attempt for the broadband business of industry customers, Hytera recently launched a new multi-mode advanced radio PTC680.

The product is aimed at more stringent environment for critical tasks, with the primary goal of guaranteeing users’ mission critical voice, while retaining the operation habits of traditional private network users and supporting the smart operation system and applications, ensuring the response speed and processing capacity to critical tasks.

Advanced radio promotes smart private networks

As an advanced radio, based on the smartphone platform and big-screen design, PTC680 can enrich and upgrade the common functions, improving users’ supervision capabilities and decision-making efficiency, and achieving efficient and smart communication.

The positioning of GPS, BDS, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS is available in PTC680. With the help of base station or WiFi positioning technology, PTC680 can seamlessly switch between indoors and outdoors to achieve continuous tracking and recording of front-line personnel and equipment in full space.

The secondary development of traditional radio is difficult and complicated. When users need to develop functions like work orders and information query, traditional radios are limited to narrowband platforms and can only meet users’ need by customization.

Different from traditional narrowband secondary development, PTC680 is configured with broadband and narrowband unified API. Without limitation by narrowband platform, it can be directly used in the form of APP on advanced radios, which is convenient for industry customers to customize development and reduces the difficulty of secondary development.

With diversified connection modes, PTC680 can meet users’ requirements in different scenarios. Wired connection through PIN port can be adapted to various accessories. For example:

  • Connecting to VM220 convert camera to build a visualized dispatch platform.
  • Connecting to wired earpieces to ensure convenient communication when users are riding motorcycles or driving cars.

And PTC680 can be adapted to all kinds of Bluetooth devices to ensure convenient and private calls.

  • Connecting to Bluetooth printers to print tickets on site.
  • Connecting to Bluetooth ring PTT for quick communication.

Full TETRA trunking services and reliability guarantee

Different from most LTE radios on the market, Hytera multi-mode advanced radio PTC680 supports full TETRA trunking services, including group call, broadcast call, dynamic group number assignment (DGNA), packet data, authentication, over-the-air-encryption, and end-to-end encryption.

It meets users’ critical communication requirements and unified secure communication control. For customers who focus on mission critical service, the device could guarantee stable voice trunking services with narrowband network.

When a user is within the private network coverage area, voice communication is transmitted over the narrowband network; while the user moves out of the private network coverage area, the multi-mode advanced radio automatically switches to the public network to transmit the voice without latency.

In addition to convenient and efficient one-click operations for private network users, PTC680 has multiple dedicated knobs and keys:

  • Oval PTT: comfortable to touch and immediate responses in case of emergency.
  • Top emergency alarm key: can be triggered from any angles.
  • Smart key: different features based on the service scenarios, for example, one-click releasing video call, one-touch video/audio recording, quick contacts switch and channels switch.
  • Screen locking and unlocking, entering the camera, switching between video and audio recording, canceling the ringtone for incoming calls, or releasing calls.
  • Five programmable keys support long-press, short-press and double-click operations, and can be configured with multiple functional instructions to meet the requirements of quick operation for different services, such as one touch call function, which is convenient and efficient.
  • Multi-functional volume/contacts knob is used to adjust the volume by default. You can press it to switch the channel or contact.

Considering users’ complex working environments, the PTC680 adopts the patented technology of the front cavity expansion and professional acoustic design. The highest audio volume can be 128 dB. With the technology of multi-mic noise reduction, echo cancellation and wind noise suppression, the PTC680 ensures loud, clear, and highly recognizable sound in noisy environments.

PTC680 has maintained the excellent quality of Hytera products. IP68 rating ensures high standard of waterproof and dustproof and it can be used even after being immersed in 2 m-depth water for 4 hours. PTC680 has passed ESD IEC level 4 certification. Its firm and durable external structure can bear dropping from 1.5 m high.

Hytera always focuses on the need of users, and continues to provide customers with more professional and reliable communication devices. For specific scenarios of customers in different industries, Hytera can offer more complete and reliable solutions.

The newly launched multi-mode advanced radio is a practice of Hytera philosophy of “Respond & Achieve,” and continues to create greater value for global industry customers.

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