Datawallet launches Datawallet 3.0 – Developer Edition alongside their Developer SDK

Datawallet, the company building the digital wallet for all your data, has released their developer-focused product Datawallet 3.0 — Developer Edition alongside their Developer SDK. All Datawallet tools are designed to give consumers complete control over their data, and to give companies access to the most ethically sourced, highest quality data in the market.

Datawallet 3.0 (Developer) is a simple, yet powerful tool for users to control their personal data. It allows users to automatically source from websites such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon, and securely store their data in a locally encrypted vault to ensure maximum privacy and control.

At no point during the sourcing process does Datawallet touch the data. Additionally, once stored, neither Datawallet nor any other organization can access the data without the users’ active initiation and consent.

When users permission their data, it enables them to power a new generation of apps that utilize ethical, cross-platform data. The user consent is written onto the blockchain in Datawallet’s private testnet, acting as an immutable ledger between companies and their customers for ultimate transparency.

Providing proof-of-concept, Datawallet 3.0 (Developer) sets a new standard for sourcing, storing, and utilizing personal data with its initial vision of the world’s first decentralized data ecosystem, and paves the way for Web3.

“Datawallet 3.0 is the critical first step to the realization of Web 3. The vision of creating a decentralized internet, where every application runs locally on a person’s own device, hinges critically on our ability to first locally source and store our data in order to fuel these applications. This technical challenge is what we solved with Datawallet 3.0,” said Serafin Lion Engel, Founder & CEO of Datawallet.

“It’s the safest and most seamless way to gather the data you create on the internet, cryptographically store it on your own device, and through Datawallet’s personal API, share it with any application you like. Datawallet 3.0 is the cornerstone of Web 3.”

The Datawallet SDK empowers developers to leverage a completely new data universe to build the most advanced applications to date. It provides an intuitive and documented flow for querying data with consent from the user.

Exposing a familiar GraphQL interface and a unified flow across devices that users will understand, developers can easily write queries and build a new generation of state-of-the-art applications.

“With Datawallet 3.0 we wanted to show that it is possible to give people direct control of their data, effectively inverting the traditional data ecosystem,” said Daniel Hawthorne, Co-Founder & CTO of Datawallet.

“Instead of users’ data being stored on their behalf with little transparency or control, they can instead securely store their own data and conscientiously permission it. We are excited to see a new data ecosystem evolve around user empowering tools like Datawallet 3.0.”

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