Perimeter 81 and SentinelOne providing unified network and endpoint security

Perimeter 81, a pioneer in zero trust software-defined network access, has partnered with SentinelOne, the autonomous endpoint protection company. The partnership will provide a wide range of businesses, from midsize companies to Fortune 500s, with unified network and endpoint security, ensuring more effective threat defense for the cloud and mobile-first world.

“We’re proud to have helped hundreds of clients ensure simplified, zero trust access to their on-premise and cloud environments with our Zero Trust Network as a Service. Now we would like to create an even greater impact,” said Amit Bareket co-founder and CEO of Perimeter 81.

“By partnering with world-class cybersecurity vendors like SentinelOne, we look forward to extending the power of our offering in order to provide a comprehensive set of secure network capabilities: Zero Trust Access, Web Security and Global Interconnectivity.

“The combination of endpoint security and compliance enabled by this partnership is a crucial part of ensuring holistic protection for the Secure Network as a Service.”

“Perimeter 81 helps organizations adopt a zero trust architecture, and the combination of our solutions delivers tremendous efficacy in securing the modern enterprise,” said Daniel Bernard, CMO, SentinelOne.

“With SentinelOne’s ability to protect every device across the evolving enterprise network, from standard desktop and laptop to IoT, customers can trust the endpoint security of zero trust models.”

The rapid rise of Cloud and Mobility has created a mega-shift in the cybersecurity landscape. By 2020, IDC (International Data Corporation) research has indicated that mobile workers will make up nearly 75% of the US workforce1, and worldwide spending on public cloud computing is expected to reach 162 billion USD2.

The sheer number of widely distributed network endpoints and the shift from the static, HQ-centered network to the dispersed, user-centric network, pose new and evolving security challenges for today’s organizations, leaving the traditional, 30-year-old network security appliances obsolete.

Perimeter 81’s award-winning Zero Trust Network as a Service is among the first solutions to provide fully customized and automated secure network infrastructure deployment in one holistic platform.

The service seamlessly applies adaptive policies based on device, identity and location, so that only authorized users are granted access to critical corporate resources.

The integration with SentinelOne’s next-gen solution, which autonomously defends every endpoint against every type of attack at every stage in the threat lifecycle, ensures that endpoints are fully compliant and protected before they join Perimeter 81’s secure cloud-based network.

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