Glasswall FileTrust now managed 100% in the cloud

Glasswall Solutions, a leading file regeneration technology company, is radically improving business continuity in the handling of potentially dangerous email attachments with its new cloud-based platform.

Glasswall is adding an up-to-date offering of its Glasswall FileTrust, which will be managed 100% in the cloud. Through its threat intelligence, cloud-based offering, Glasswall will allow companies of any size to identify emerging threats.

Available as a cloud-hosted service, deployed on-premise or in a private cloud, with user-based licensing, Glasswall offers flexible deployment and licensing options. All of which offer the ability to sanitize and surgically remove high-risk file features.

With Glasswall, over 95% of files entering the business are processed into clean and safe copies with no delay, allowing users to function as normal whilst being protected from file based threats.

“Our updated offering is everything you already know and love about Glasswall, but now with the benefits of the cloud,” said Danny Lopez, Glasswall CEO.

“Every organization faces potential risks when it comes to email and file security, but Glasswall stays ahead of the curve to create unmatchable security defenses, all while continuing to make the user experience as seamless as possible.”

Glasswall FileTrust is easy to implement into existing technology infrastructures with no need to rip and replace, which enhances other technologies and improves efficiencies all while reducing associated costs.

Glasswall offers unparalleled levels of protection through its document threat protection, which disarms file-based malware without requiring any signatures, behavioral analytics or machine learning to be effective.

With the protection of Glasswall, files are regenerated in well under a second to reach safety standards, and with their appearance identical to the original, this ensures communication of file attachments is received at the speed of business. With that, users are unaware and unaffected, resulting in high user acceptance and no workforce disruption.

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