NETSCOUT launches network-based threat detection and analytics platform

NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, a leading provider of service assurance, security, and business analytics, announced the availability of Arbor Threat Analytics (ATA), the industry’s first Network-Based Threat Detection and Analytics Platform to provide full visibility into today’s multi-cloud environments.

The product combines NETSCOUT’s unparalleled access to network intelligence (both on the internet and inside the largest enterprise networks) with its ability to rapidly identify and characterize threats using its extensive experience in traffic monitoring and analytics.

As a result, ATA can recognize more threats faster than other tools and can provide rich traffic context for fast triage and forensic investigation.

With the introduction of Arbor Threat Analytics, NETSCOUT extends and integrates its patented Adaptive Services Intelligence (ASI) traffic monitoring technology with NETSCOUT’s own proprietary ATLAS Intelligence Feed, derived through the application of advanced machine learning techniques to a vast collection network, as well as any available threat intelligence feed, to incorporate threat detection in its ASI engine and provide our customers with comprehensive access to threat intelligence information.

Originally developed for performance and service assurance use cases and deployed in well over 2,000 large enterprises and service providers, including many of the largest organizations in the world, ASI provides a rich context for potential threats, including the “spread of infection” and the impact to critical business services, accelerating the analysis and disposition of potential threats.

Arbor Threat Analytics is built on the ISNG visibility platform, which has been designed to be deployed anywhere, from on-prem 10-100Gbit links to individual workloads, providing a unique perspective into the modern private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

From metadata, to conversation flows, session records, and ultimately packets, NETSCOUT provides visibility for IT professionals to reduce risk in their increasingly complex environments.

With the ability to detect issues behind the firewall and throughout the network, Arbor Threat Analytics allows security analysts to respond to threats quicker and with greater accuracy.

“There is a renewed interest in the use of network data for security analytics and operations – from early adopters in the past to mainstream,” said Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst and Fellow, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

“NETSCOUT can make network security data affordable and consumable. Its ASI technology, with the addition of threat intelligence feeds, can help organizations detect IOCs and accelerate post forensic workflows.

“NETSCOUT offers these capabilities while adding value to security infrastructure by integrating into existing ecosystems and workflows through APIs to SIEMs (including Splunk dashboards).”

“Our commitment to providing the most actionable and high-fidelity information to IT teams has now been extended to the security teams,” said Paul Barrett, Enterprise CTO, NETSCOUT.

“While the use of packet data has long been a part of security workflows, our ability to convert packet data into actionable metadata speeds the response of security teams. Leveraging our technology, deployment models and expertise, IT can reduce risk through our ability to provide visibility anywhere.”

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