Kiuwan’s application security testing platform helps teams realize DevSecOps goals

Kiuwan, a provider of application security testing tools, announced the availability of free software vulnerability scan trials for the US market, with live demonstrations at Black Hat USA 2019.

Kiuwan’s application security testing platform provides a complete overview and impact analysis of software architecture in minutes, reducing risk and improving change management and DevOps processes that historically required hours or days.

The solution integrates with leading IDEs, build systems, bug tracking tools, and repositories to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities, and provide full compliance with security standards at a significantly lower price than competitors.

Now, US-based developers who sign up for a Kiuwan trial will be able to scan application source code quickly and securely on their own server to determine if it is compliant with major security standards including CWE, OWASP, and SANS. This will help organizations realize the goals of DevSecOps by building in security throughout the software development lifecycle.

“There is a constant tension between the need for development teams to release software faster, and the need for security teams to reduce the risk of potential breaches and compliance exposure,” said Wilson Warmack, general manager of Idera’s DevOps Tools Business.

“Tools like Kiuwan Code Security and Kiuwan Insights provide 360-degree coverage that helps teams keep pace with release goals while eliminating vulnerabilities and managing risk from third-party libraries and open-source code.”

Kiuwan has grown exponentially since joining the Idera family of DevOps tools in October 2018 — from 200 companies in 25 countries to 500 companies worldwide. With sales and support staff now based in the US, the company is looking to significantly expand its market presence, including new relationships with resellers and managed service providers.

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