XebiaLabs expands its Software Chain of Custody reporting capabilities

XebiaLabs, the recognized leader in enterprise-class DevOps and Continuous Delivery software tools, announced a major expansion of its unique Software Chain of Custody reporting capabilities.

The Chain of Custody delivers crucial evidence about the entire software delivery pipeline; it proves what happened, when it happened, where it happened, and who made it happen. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform version 9.0 introduces the first and only Release Audit Report that covers all release activities from end to end—at the push of a button.

Audit reporting today: Half-done, fully painful

Organizations, especially those in highly regulated industries, spend an enormous amount of time, money, and resources producing governance reports about their software releases. Creating a single audit report typically takes a month, with teams spending hundreds of hours digging through log files and piecing together data from dozens of tools.

These reports are generally delivered late, and when completed, only include a partial picture of what happened across the release pipeline. On top of that, they almost never meet the organization’s compliance requirements.

Additionally, the back and forth that occurs between Security, Compliance, Development, and DevOps teams diverts everyone from business-critical activities, such as creating new software.

At the root of today’s reporting problem is the inability to track the full “chain of custody” of the release process. In the world of software delivery, the chain of custody represents everything about a release: the release tasks involved, when and where those tasks were executed, what those tasks did, and who executed them.

Without this information, companies cannot meet compliance and security requirements as they develop software at scale. Tracking and gathering this evidence is impossible without a way to integrate data from tools across the DevOps toolchain.

Instant Audit Report enables hands-free governance

As the world’s only end-to-end DevOps Toolchain Orchestration and Reporting platform, XebiaLabs is in a unique position to capture data across all tools, provide the context of what’s going on, present a complete picture of exactly what happened in each software release—and deliver it to users at the push of a button.

The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform version 9.0 introduces the world’s first and only audit report that covers all release activities in an enterprise’s software delivery pipeline with

one click. The XebiaLabs push-button Release Audit Report allows teams to quickly filter reports by date, folder, keywords, and more, and export information for one or many releases.

“It’s become mandatory for organizations in regulated industries to be able to prove that their software delivery processes comply with IT governance requirements,“ said XebiaLabs CEO, Derek Langone.

“Until now, collecting and analyzing that proof and providing it in a format auditors can use has been almost impossible. XebiaLabs automates the process, giving teams the audit evidence they need instantly.”

XebiaLabs’ Software Chain of Custody: Collect, visualize, report, prove

XebiaLabs’ comprehensive Software Chain of Custody capabilities give organizations 100% visibility into their complete software delivery lifecycle, so they can easily understand what happened with every person, tool, and process—and prove it.

Only XebiaLabs can collect all of the data needed to enable end-to-end reporting. The platform integrates with hundreds of DevOps tools and is optimized to collect data from across the entire software supply chain. With XebiaLabs, IT teams can:

  • Visualize and monitor the software chain of custody, in real time or in retrospect
  • Verify that security and compliance checks were run for each release, making IT audits faster and easier for everyone involved
  • Drill down into the chain of custody for any release and any task to understand and prove exactly what happened
  • Understand security and compliance risks early, so they can find and fix application vulnerabilities and IT governance violations during development
  • Easily identify bottlenecks, slow processes, pain points, and areas that need improvement or increased automation

The Release Audit Report expands on a suite of powerful out-of-the-box reports that allow teams to analyze processes, so they can ensure compliance, mitigate risk, and monitor metrics.

Shift testing left with XebiaLabs and Compuware

In addition to the Release Audit Report, version 9.0 of the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform is packed with new features and integrations, including the Compuware Topaz for Total Test integration, which helps teams shift testing left by incorporating unit, integration, and regression testing into the end-to-end software delivery pipeline for mainframe applications.

“It’s vitally important for organizations to orchestrate a cross-platform DevOps pipeline in order to get the most value from the existing DevOps tools in their pipeline,” said Compuware CEO, Chris O’Malley.

“With the new integration of XebiaLabs and Compuware Topaz for Total Test, customers can build continuous testing into their Continuous Delivery process for every mainframe application, improving software delivery quality, velocity, and efficiency.

“This integration is also essential for regulated industries facing audit requirements within their application testing processes.”

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