Nimbix launches HyperHub, a point-and-click catalog of HPC and accelerated applications

Nimbix, the leading high-performance computing (HPC) cloud platform provider, announced the launch of HyperHub, a point-and-click catalog of HPC and accelerated applications.

With the new self-service marketplace, engineers and scientists can select from a growing ecosystem of prebuilt apps and workflows and run them on any device, cloud, or on-premises infrastructure, anywhere in the world.

“Our company has always been about democratizing high performance and accelerated computing,” said Steve Hebert, Nimbix co-founder and CEO.

“By providing access to a growing catalog of consumable, run-anywhere apps, HyperHub enables engineers and scientists to shorten their time-to-value when tackling complex, compute-intensive tasks like simulation and AI.

“HyperHub’s open marketplace structure also encourages ISVs and partners to continue building and publishing additional high-quality HPC apps for these professionals to use.”

HyperHub provides users instant access to commercial HPC software, accelerated workflows and open-source applications built by Nimbix, its partners, and independent software vendors (ISVs).

With point-and-click simplicity, users can launch any of these optimized apps and workflows to solve a variety of compute intensive problems, without worrying about installing, configuring and tuning their own complex software stacks from scratch.

Powered by Nimbix’s JARVICE™ XE platform, HyperHub allows users to implement multi-cloud solutions using their own clusters, the Nimbix Cloud, and/or any other public cloud of their choice.

Besides allowing users to quickly run optimized workflows to solve complex, compute-intensive problems, HyperHub enables partners and ISVs to deploy their own HPC and accelerated apps, which they can then make available via its ever-expanding marketplace.

HyperHub also provides ISVs an avenue for publishing, licensing, and monetizing their applications in the cloud. In addition, partners and service providers that license the JARVICE XE software will be able to white-label their own HyperHub catalog to deliver customized HPC solutions for their customers.

In 2018, Nimbix introduced JARVICE XE, extending the capabilities of its innovative JARVICE operating system beyond the Nimbix Cloud to any cloud infrastructure, whether single, hybrid or multi-cloud, including Xilinx Alveo field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and graphics processing unit (GPU) accelerated clusters.

Following its vision of providing solutions over mere infrastructure, Nimbix HyperHub now provides instant point-and-click access to a catalog of prebuilt HPC solutions, apps and workflows on any cloud infrastructure running JARVICE XE.

“Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards are available on the Nimbix Cloud, representing the next horizon in computing that enables enterprises to run high performance data and compute-intensive applications and processing pipelines faster and more efficiently than ever before,” said Vinay Singh, senior director, ISV ecosystems development, data center group at Xilinx.

“We are excited about HyperHub and the accessibility it will bring to developers, including the ability to easily and quickly publish, deploy and scale adoption of Alveo accelerated applications on any infrastructure and on multiple cloud providers.”

“Using HyperHub and the JARVICE platform, we provided our clients up to 15-times speedup for machine learning training applications and up to 4-times lower TCO,” says Chris Kachris, CEO at InAccel. “With HyperHub, our Xilinx Alveo powered accelerated applications can extend into any infrastructure environment with ease.”

“As high-performance and accelerated computing hardware becomes more commoditized, HPC providers are adding all types of new solutions including the ability to more easily move workloads into the cloud. These hybrid solutions are becoming very popular, but up to now haven’t been the easiest to deploy and use” said Earl Joseph, CEO at Hyperion Research.

“JARVICE XE is making containerized cloud-based HPC computing available on any cloud and supports both hybrid and full cloud support for a broad set of ISV applications. And the Nimbix HyperHub provides a simple point-and-click way to use an entire array of hardware-agnostic HPC applications, via a simple store front interface.”

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