Free offering enables any MSP and security integrator to add incident response to their services portfolio

The Incident Response (IR) services market is in accelerated growth due to the rise in cyberattacks that result in breaches. More and more organizations, across all sizes and verticals, choose to outsource IR to 3rd party service providers over handling security incidents in-house.

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Cynet is now launching a first-of-its-kind offering, enabling any Managed Security Provider (MSP) or Security Integrator (SI) to add Incident Response to its services portfolio, without building an in-house team of incident responders, by using Cynet’s IR team and technology at no cost.

Managed Service providers interested to add Incident Response to their service portfolio with no investment in people or technology can apply here.

As cyberthreats grow in sophistication and volume, there are an increasing number of cases in which attackers succeed in compromising the environments they target. This, in turn, fuels a rapidly growing demand for IR technologies and services. Since in most cases response to a suspected attack requires skills in fields such as forensics, reverse engineering and other investigation skills that are not part of the standard IT workforce’s expertise, many organizations prefer to put their trust in a professional 3rd party that specializes in providing IR services.

However, while the demand for IR services is high, only a small part of MSPs and SIs provide IR services. All others that provide standard IT and security services such as deployment, integration and management, don’t provide IR services due to the difficulties in recruiting a team of skilled responders.

Cynet now launches a new offering, enabling existing IT and security service providers to add IR to their offered services cart without having their own in-house team of security experts. With this offering, the service providers can sell IR services to their customers, and when an incident occurs, engage the Cynet CyOps security team, who install the Cynet 360 platform across the customer environment within minutes, and conduct a rapid and efficient investigation and response, until the environment is clean again.

On top of the explicit benefit of adding IR services to its offering with zero investment, after the incident response process is over, MSPs and SIs have the option to leverage the momentum of having Cynet 360 already deployed and working on the customer environment to showcase the full value proposition of the platform and sell the Cynet 360 breach protection platform on a yearly subscription base.

Managed Service Providers that want to learn more on how to include Incident Response in their services at no cost can apply here.

About CyOps

CyOps is a team of handpicked security analysts and threat researchers that respond to events on a daily basis through Cynet’s Security Operations Center. CyOps’ vast cybersecurity experience warrants rapid and efficient operation across environments of all types and sizes.

About Cynet 360

CyOps uses Cynet 360 Autonomous Breach Protection as their default IR platform when engaging with an environment under attack. Cynet 360 instantly collects and correlates all the endpoint, network and user data from the environment, enabling CyOps to pinpoint suspicious entities and connections, investigate to unveil root-cause, scope and impact, and remove malicious presence and activity. These responders’ expertise and Cynet 360’s cutting-edge IR technology magnify one another, to deliver IR with unmatched quality and efficiency.

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