Towerwall becomes a reseller of Safe-T’s Zero Trust suite of products

Safe-T Group is pleased to announce that Towerwall, one of the leading cybersecurity solution providers in the United States, has partnered with Safe-T as a reseller of Safe-T’s Zero Trust suite of products.

Safe-T’s solutions will be added to Towerwall’s wide range of information security products and services to offer Safe-T’s Software Defined Access solutions to businesses of all sizes and types in the Northeast region of the USA.

As the world becomes much more digital and connected, organizations open their network and internal applications to the outside world (e.g. employees, customers, business partners, 3rd party vendors, mobile, IOT), much more than in the past.

But while the amount of external parties is ever growing and evolving, the common methods to providing access to external parties have stayed the same and they all have one common flaw – these methods allow access before the authentication, essentially exposing the organization’s services to both trusted and untrusted sources.

Safe-T’s Secure Application Access introduces an evolution in the way organizations grant secure external access to their services. Built on Safe-T’s Software Defined Perimeter and patented reverse-access technologies, it offers true secure and transparent access for all entities to internal applications and data.

“Strategic organizations rely heavily on their partners and trusted advisors to help build strong and effective security practices. “, said Shachar Daniel, Safe-T’s Co-Founder and CEO.

“Towerwall provides their clients with best-of-breed security solutions and services and we are therefore extremely excited to announce our partnership. We look forward to helping Towerwell and its team build a secure foundation for their clients.”

For over 25 years, Towerwall, a premier partner with industry-leading information security technologies, has been providing organizations with an integrated approach to solving security & policy management needs.

“Security technologies are evolving, and Safe-T brings a new way to connect securely. Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) redefines secure access and authentication. It revolutionizes the way our customers connect, giving access to the right people and transparently removes potential human errors and threats they bring to their network.”, said Michelle Drolet CEO, Towerwall.

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