Baffle is now an AWS Database Ready Technology Partner

Baffle, an advanced data protection company, announced it has been certified for the Amazon AWS Database Ready Program, which delivers an easy-to-operate, scaled database platform-as-a-service (DB PaaS) to help enterprises and SaaS providers host data services in the cloud to modernize their businesses and operate in a cloud-native manner. Baffle is now an AWS Database Ready Technology Partner.

Tis announcement comes on the heels of Baffle’s debut of its Cloud Data Protection Platform (CDPP) for AWS, which helps protect data in the cloud using vastly simplified encryption to enable a data-centric security model. The CDPP solution provides several data protection capabilities and integrates with a broad set of AWS services:

  • Single-click, secure migration to support AWS Database Migration Services (DMS) to automatically protect cloud workloads during lift-and-shift migration of data to AWS RDS
  • Field-level encryption with no application changes to use an integrated BaffleShield™ to protect data in the cloud
  • Record-level encryption (RLE) for AWS RDS to enable multi-tenant SaaS providers to protect data in shared data stores with unique keys per data owner
  • Data shredding to help companies comply with GDPR and emerging privacy regulations
  • Data exfiltration control (DEC) for AWS RDS to prevent sensitive data from being exfiltrated from databases in excessive volumes
  • Full AWS Key Management Service (KMS), AWS CloudHSM and AWS Secrets Manager support to protect and leverage customer-owned keys in AWS

“Cloud migration and adoption of database platform-as-a-service is taking the enterprise by storm,” said Ameesh Divatia, CEO and co-founder, Baffle.

“We’re proud to be certified as a technology partner for the AWS Database Ready Program. This milestone provides further validation of our Cloud Data Protection Platform, which helps accelerate the adoption of AWS RDS across our joint customers.

“Baffle’s simplified encryption operates seamlessly with cloud-native deployments at scale without requiring architectural overhauls or application modification and is a perfect solution for cloud customers confronted with modern-day privacy regulations.”

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