Baffin Bay Networks’ Threat Insight allows users to search IP addresses and discover emerging attacks

Baffin Bay Networks, experts in cloud-native cybersecurity, announced the first release of Threat Insight, providing a summary view of data collected on Baffin Bay’s Threat Protection platform and global sensor network.

Threat Insight is one of the many steps Baffin Bay has taken in its mission to increase security visibility and situational awareness. Threat Insight allows users to search IP addresses and discover emerging attacks at no cost.

Baffin Bay’s Threat Protection Service is used by organizations of all sizes across the globe to manage risk and mitigate cyberattacks. The global sensor network constantly generates data surrounding various types of incidents and attacks.

Combined, the sensor network and the Threat Protection platform make up a great source of data which can be contextualized into useful threat information – or Threat Insight. Furthermore, the data contributes to improving the precision of the Threat Protection Service and provides context to users as they develop their threat protection strategies.

“Threat data should be accessible to all interested parties. Through our Threat Insight database, we hope to grow global awareness of cyber threats and inspire analysts, individuals, business owners, reporters and universities to gain a strong understanding of today’s and tomorrow’s digital threats,” said Founder and CEO of Baffin Bay Networks, Joakim Sundberg.

“As a part of the global cybersecurity community, we thrive from creating threat awareness and understanding. Threat Insight is under continuous improvement, and we always welcome new partners who are looking to collaborate on increasing cyber threat visibility.”

Baffin Bay’s Threat Insight 1.1 will include a variety of features designed to provide ease of use for the end user when searching for data that could be integral in identifying malicious activity within their networks. Key benefits include:

  • Activity Indicator: This feature is calculated using a sophisticated algorithm that counts the severity of an IP’s activities. An Activity Indicator graph shows how active an IP address has been over time.
  • Blacklist Tagging: The platform displays tags indicating the blacklist category for which the IP address has been blocked by Baffin Bay’s Threat Protection Service.

Threat Insight is free of charge for up to 10 IP address searches a day. But users can easily log on with a regular Google account to get access to up to 1000 searches monthly.

Baffin Bay’s threat research team has extensive knowledge and experience with the ability to provide Threat Insight users with unrivalled threat intelligence to help them protect themselves and their businesses.

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