Quest’s KACE SMA version 10.0 offers enhanced patching and centralized log storage capabilities

Quest Software announced major new feature updates with version 10.0 of KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA), a comprehensive, multiplatform endpoint management solution offering increased security that addresses compliance requirements with enhanced patching and centralized log storage capabilities.

With the new KACE SMA release, users now have the ability to create custom ticket fields and pass parent ticket information to child tickets for more secure, efficient workflows. It reduces ticket volumes and time to resolution with improved auditing capabilities to ensure organizations meet compliance requirements.

With this version, IT can now efficiently manage their growing endpoint environments from one single solution, addressing hardware and software management, network security, and better servicing of end-user systems.

Also announced today is the new release of KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager (MDM) which simplifies mobile endpoint management to enable IT to protect their organization’s investment in their mobile devices while simplifying device configuration and deployment.

The new KACE SMA and KACE Cloud MDM are fully integrated to provide organizations the most robust and trusted unified endpoint management and security capabilities. Both new solutions will be showcased at Quest KACE UserKon, an annual event dedicated to the KACE user community, taking place October 1-3, Orlando, FL.

Alongside the growing number of diverse network-connected devices that IT administrators must manage and secure, the threat of ransomware and cyberattacks relentlessly increases.

Organizations are working to unify their approach to endpoint management while automating and streamlining IT asset management, but this causes an overwhelming pressure on IT administrators.

To ease this and prevent cyber attacks, organizations need an all-encompassing solution to manage, secure, and service all connected network devices. With KACE SMA 10.0, IT have true unified endpoint management and security of their computers, servers, mobile devices, Chromebooks, IoT, printers, network equipment – all under a single pane of glass.

Addressing growing mobile endpoints

In addition to KACE SMA 10.0, Quest Software is releasing new feature updates to KACE Cloud Mobile Device Manager (MDM) that protects organizational investments in mobile devices and make it easy to secure, configure and deploy mobile endpoints.

New features available with KACE Cloud MDM include policy management capabilities that give mobility admins an efficient and consolidated method for continuous configuration enforcement. It also includes support for macOS that allows administrators to incorporate form factors with the OSX desktop platform into their device management strategy.

Whitelisting parity to the Android platform is also featured, providing admins the ability to allow certain apps to be used on Android devices. With these new capabilities, organizations are more productive and can improve compliance in a touchless manner, ensuring IT-approved device configurations, apps, and settings are in place and enforced.

Manage your business instead of multiple, disparate systems

It is paramount that companies are able to progress forward in their Unified Endpoint Management and Security strategy and manage devices in a seamless manner.

With inventory data available through a single pane of glass, they can report on all of their managed devices from a single source. Through integration with KACE Cloud MDM, users can manage and view both traditional endpoints and mobile devices via the KACE SMA dashboard.

Having this visibility makes it easier for IT to properly inventory all hardware and software, patch mission-critical applications and OS’s, reduce the risk of a breach, and assure software license compliance. With this, organizations can reduce systems management complexity and better safeguard their vulnerable endpoints.

KACE SMA 10.0 new features and benefits include:

  • Patching improvements – Timelier patch availability, patch application, a wider catalog of patches for the admin and more snooze options for the end user.
  • Ticket templates – Customizable templates with conditional logic fields will present a custom ticket form based on the fields available in that queue.
  • Centralized log storage – Save logs (syslog) to a centralized server, such as one for security information and event management, to eliminate the need to download to long term storage as needed for IA and other compliance requirements.
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