Oliver Wyman and Next Peak offer a broader and enhanced range of advisory and operational services

Global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman and Next Peak, an operational cyber defense consulting company, announced a new collaboration to offer a broader and enhanced range of advisory and operational services to clients focused on defending and improving resilience against global cyber threats.

“At a time when cyber threats are becoming increasingly common, more dangerous, and more sophisticated, leaders across all industries are looking for ways to protect their companies,” said Michael Zeltkevic, Partner and Head of Americas at Oliver Wyman.

“Oliver Wyman and Next Peak together can now help deepen front-line defenses for clients – bringing together the strategy, diagnostic, and design strengths of Oliver Wyman with the operational, technical, and specialized cyber capabilities of Next Peak.”

Specifically, the collaboration will enable Oliver Wyman to extend specialized in-depth expertise across cyber risk, security architecture, security operations, and cyber resilience. These include unique approaches to operational capacity building, targeted attack analysis, and addressing geographically-based and regulatory cyber risks.

The Next Peak team

Dr. Greg Rattray, Co-Founder/Partner of Next Peak, was most recently with JP Morgan Chase, where he held positions as their Chief Information Security Officer and leader of the Global Cyber Partnership team. Prior to JP Morgan Chase, Greg was founder and CEO of Delta Risk, providing advanced cyber defense services to clients globally.

During his 23-year Air Force career, Greg was the Director for Cybersecurity in the White House and commanded the Operations Group of the Air Force Information Warfare Center. He also served as Internet Security Advisor to ICANN. He is currently an adjunct senior research professor at Columbia University.

Jim Cummings, Co-Founder/Partner of Next Peak, previously was Chief Security Officer for JP Morgan Chase, where he was responsible for directing and executing physical and cyber security, investigations, and business resiliency efforts for over 240,000 employees in 60 countries across 6,500 facilities worldwide.

Additionally, he served 24 years in the Air Force, including as Director of Homeland Defense on the National Security Council in the White House during the Bush and Obama Administrations, and commanded the Air Force’s Cyber Security Operations Center and other full-spectrum cyber operations.

Through its Cyber Defender network, Next Peak provides a team of highly experienced cyber professionals who are battle tested in cyber defense operations, security architecture, and resiliency across multiple industries, law enforcement, and the Department of Defense.

In this capacity, Cyber Defenders have identified numerous advanced persistent threats, built resilient infrastructures, established and operated state-of-the-art cyber operation centers, and developed US military cyber defense tactics manuals and corporate defense playbooks.

Additionally, Next Peak defenders have responded to major breaches, restored operations, and brought justice to international hackers in multiple successful prosecutions. Next Peak assists clients in building their own capacity through risk assessments, advisory, operational training, exercises, stress testing, and drills.

“Together, Oliver Wyman and Next Peak can deliver game-changing cyber defense tactics, techniques, and procedures, and can stress test cyber resiliency for clients based upon real experience and proven capabilities,” added Jim Cummings and Dr. Greg Rattray.

“Securing networks is no longer enough; you must defend with confidence and ensure your ability to recover when that bad day happens.”

“Having access to a large network of experienced cyber defenders under the leadership of two cyber veterans will be extremely valuable to Oliver Wyman’s clients,” said Paul Mee, Partner and Cyber Platform Lead at Oliver Wyman. Cummings added,

“Next Peak offers a practical, business-driven approach to managing cyber risk and is deeply experienced in the most challenging corporate and defense environments.”

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