Pentest secures contract with global tech corp, Xcina Consulting becomes preferred supplier

Shearwater Group, the organizational resilience group, announces that its group company, Pentest has secured a one-year contract with a global technology corporation worth in excess of US$1 million. At the same time, Xcina Consulting, another Shearwater group company has also signed a ‘Master Consulting Agreement’ and become a preferred supplier to the same organization.

Under the terms of the contract, Pentest will deliver a framework for the provision of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services to the organisation. This will form a key function within the organisation’s global cloud technology infrastructure.

Through penetration testing, Pentest will perform an in-depth investigation into the organization’s resilience with the aim of uncovering any IT security vulnerabilities. This method is designed to simulate the actions of a threat actor, exposing and classifying vulnerabilities which could be used to exploit or damage an organization if left unremedied.

Phil Higgins, CEO of Shearwater Group plc, commented: “Securing this contract win and preferred supplier agreement for Pentest and Xcina respectively is an excellent illustration of the cross-selling opportunities we are seeing as a Group.

“Since April this year, the Group has generated 90+ of these collaborative selling opportunities, which continue to be reviewed and realised.

“This is a good example of how we can improve a customer’s overall experience and enhance their organizational resilience by leveraging a combination of our software, services and solutions from across the Group.”

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