Download: RFP templates for EDR/EPP and APT protection

Security decision makers need to address APT risks, but struggle with mapping APT attack vectors to a clear-cut set of security product capabilities, which impairs their ability to choose the products that would best protect them.

RFP templates

Cynet is addressing this need with the definitive RFP templates for EDR/EPP and APT protection, an expert-made security requirement list, that enables stakeholders to accelerate and optimize the evaluation process of the products they evaluate.

The RFP contains five sections:

  • Monitoring & Control – Routine activities to gain visibility and proactively discover and reduce attack surfaces
  • Prevention & Detection – Mechanism to thwart the wide array of commodity and advanced attack vectors
  • Investigation & Response – Overall toolset for efficient reaction to detected live attack
  • Infrastructure (EDR only) – Architecture, deployment, data collection and communication
  • Operation – Ongoing management of the solution

This download is no longer available.

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