Zscaler B2B reduces the attack surface introduced by customer-facing apps

Zscaler, the leader in cloud security, today announced Zscaler B2B, a new innovation that solves a long-standing problem businesses face when exposing their applications to their customers, suppliers and manufacturers.

Zscaler B2B is a unique solution that reduces the attack surface introduced by customer-facing applications that are exposed on the internet. Built with the fundamentals of a service-initiated zero trust network access (ZTNA) architecture, Zscaler B2B enables authorized customers to view applications, based on business policy, without ever exposing the apps to the Internet where they are often attacked.

“The cloud-delivered security provided by the Zscaler cloud platform has allowed us to rapidly deploy remote access services to employees and third-party vendors at scale, and without undue security concerns and the overhead of traditional VPN solutions,” said Matt Ramberg, Vice President Information Security, Sanmina. “We look forward to extending this approach for our private business apps being accessed by many of our customers today.”

Zscaler B2B supports multiple identity provider (IDP) configurations, which forces business customers to first authenticate against their own IDP solution. Once authenticated, customers can only view the applications they are authorized to access, making all other B2B applications unviewable. In a scenario where a supplier’s employee quits, that employee’s access privileges get revoked and there are zero digital crumbs for anyone outside of the organization to follow.

“It’s not enough to protect your employees and leave your company vulnerable to potential threats from external customers, suppliers, and manufacturers,” said Patrick Foxhoven, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Emerging Technologies at Zscaler. “With Zscaler B2B, external users only receive admittance to the exact resources and applications needed to do their job, helping organizations to securely collaborate while granting them fast, policy-based access to business-critical resources.”

Users are connected to the applications over a secure channel that maintains complete privacy and integrity of all application data. It uses fully encrypted, inside-out tunnels that connect the business customer to the applications they are authorized to access, via a cloud broker, rendering them in a user-friendly portal for a simplified end user experience.

Zscaler B2B benefits:

  • Shrinks the attack surface by making apps invisible while still improving full transparency and control to the enterprise
  • Flexibility of IDP use reduces cost and management of identities for external customers
  • Seamlessly connects users to approved resources and applications in zero trust manner via a fully cloud-delivered architecture (less cost of hardware)
  • Automatically provides SSL offload, load balancing and enables modern authentication.
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