Key threats and trends SMB IT teams deal with

MSPs are significantly more concerned with internal data breaches and rapidly evolving technology practices, whereas internal IT teams are more concerned with employee behavior/habits, according to a Central by LogMeIn report.

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The global survey, which polled 500 IT professionals across North America and Europe, also showed that top security concerns remain consistent year over year with 54 percent of IT professionals ranking malware as their number one security concern, followed by ransomware (46 percent) and employee behavior (44 percent).

Highlights from the report

IT Professionals are more in control of their endpoint infrastructure than ever before: While the BYOD trend is making the endpoint landscape more complex, IT professionals are keeping up well and becoming more in control of their endpoint infrastructure with only 15 percent not knowing how many endpoint devices are under their management in 2019, compared to 30 percent in 2018.

As risks evolve, so do investment priorities: Over the past few years, security and an emphasis on IT have been evolving focal points for budget needs. IT professionals are prioritizing budget on preventative security measures and on education. Both IT and employee training top the list of budget priorities in 2019, demonstrating the strong shift from a reactive to proactive approach when it comes to company security.

it trends SMB

RMM software delivers shocking ROI: Both Internal IT and MSPs are saving between 30 minutes to 4 hours per day in total after implementing an RMM solution for their company. RMM is enabling IT professionals to improve security, better protect their employees/customers, and enhance their teams’ productivity. All in, nearly 75 percent of IT professionals estimate that they are saving at least $50,000 a year from implementing an RMM solution for their company.

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