Safe Systems unveils Managed Site Recovery solution for financial institutions

Safe Systems, a national provider of fully-compliant IT and security services for community banks and credit unions, announced the availability of its new Managed Site Recovery solution, designed to support financial institutions’ disaster recovery processes and recover critical servers and core communications in the event of a disaster.

In today’s regulatory environment, community banks and credit unions are required to have a fully redundant and tested environment to ensure the institution can quickly recover if a disaster occurs.

When a disaster strikes, financial institutions can lose access to important files and applications as well as communication to its core provider, causing major disruption to critical business functions.

Safe Systems’ Managed Site Recovery is a fully managed disaster recovery solution that replicates servers from the financial institution’s site to Microsoft’s Azure cloud so that they are available in the event of complete loss of a protected location.

The solution provides financial institutions with both site recovery and server recovery helping them to recover multiple servers at once and resume operations more quickly.

With Managed Site Recovery, Safe Systems conducts coordinated annual disaster recovery tests with the financial institution and its core provider to test recoverability and provides a detailed write up of the scope, process and results.

In addition, Safe Systems offers hosting of a core provider communication device to ensure successful communication during a disaster situation.

“Disaster recovery is a requirement for all financial institutions regardless of size and location but creating an infrastructure that is compliant and easily recoverable is a costly and challenging task,” said Darren Bridges, president at Safe Systems.

“In an effort to simplify this process for community banks and credit unions, Safe Systems has developed Managed Site Recovery to provide a redundant DR environment fully managed by a team of disaster recovery experts to support efficient monitoring, annual testing and ensure continuity for financial institutions of all sizes and their communities.”

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