Oracle enables banks to thwart increasingly sophisticated criminal activity

Oracle continues to forge the path towards better financial crime prevention with innovations in its Financial Crime and Compliance Management and Anti-Money Laundering portfolio.

Recent new capabilities and solutions leverage machine learning for analytical capabilities, robotic process automation (RPA) for workflows, and graphic analytics for the visualization of networks.

These offerings are setting a new industry standard and turning compliance into a competitive advantage for banks by enabling them to meet evolving regulations and detect suspicious financial activities.

“Oracle has been at the forefront of innovation and technology investments to ensure our customers can stay ahead in a shifting landscape in financial crime,” said Sonny Singh, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Financial Services.

“Our industry experience and technological expertise in banking have enabled us to reimagine a new class of advanced analytics capabilities that deliver maximum value and results for our customers. Our alignment with the larger Oracle Cloud strategy is enabling us to rapidly make all of our solutions accessible to banks beyond just the large tiers.”

Technology for a new generation of threats

The United Nations estimates as much as $2 trillion is laundered globally each year, underscoring the massive stream of bad actors the financial services sector is up against.

With constantly changing criminal behavior, banks must rapidly evolve their traditional, costly and cumbersome anti-financial crime programs towards advanced analytical technologies that can leverage and learn from big data.

Companies with superior machine intelligence will practice more effective and efficient financial crime detection, investigation and reporting – all areas in which Oracle has significantly advanced.

Oracle continues to invest in enhancing its traditional anti-financial crime enterprise products like Oracle Enterprise Case Management and Oracle Anti Money Laundering Enterprise Edition to ensure the company stays current with evolving customer requirements. Recent product innovations in the anti-financial crime space include:

  • Oracle Financial Services Anti Money Laundering Express Edition, which is based on a cloud-native architecture with integrated case management and architected specifically to cater to the compliance needs of small and mid-tier banks.
  • Oracle Financial Services Crime and Compliance Studio, an integrated workbench and advanced analytics toolkit that enables data scientists to rapidly build powerful detection patterns and investigation dashboards for effective AML and Anti-Fraud programs.
  • Oracle Financial Services Adaptive Intelligence Foundation for Anti Money Laundering, which augments existing rule-based investigation scenarios with adaptive customer behavior-based machine models for more effective AML transaction monitoring and reduced false positives.
  • The Investigation Hub, which enables financial crime investigators to uncover and analyze hidden suspicious complex network patterns between entities using graph technology.
  • Oracle Financial Services Anti Money Laundering Event Scoring, which optimizes investigation effort with smart ranking and prioritization of AML events using advanced modeling and machine learning tools.

Oracle has also invested in strategic relationships with technology providers who can complement the company’s AML capabilities with technologies like RPA, Natural Language Processing, Adverse Media Search and more.


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