BigID adds new compliance capabilities to meet CCPA requirements

BigID, the leader in data-centric personal data privacy and protection, announced data-driven Third-Party Data Sharing privacy compliance capabilities to help enterprises further automate and operationalize requirements around third party data sharing under regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The new privacy compliance feature integrates with BigID’s native data at rest and data in motion scanning capabilities.

The documentation of third party data sharing is required under CCPA to maintain data transparency; in particular, CCPA requires that organizations report on the categories and attributes shared with third parties as well as distinguish between data transferred for business purposes and the transfer of data for a sale.

The CCPA furthers extends the right for California consumers to “Opt-Out” of the sale of their data, and to facilitate these “Do Not Sell” requests.

While many organizations have explicit contractual provisions in place to cover data sharing relationships, the validation of third party data flows is still largely done manually, creating challenges for monitoring and reporting on data sharing at scale.

New features include:

  • Discovery for data in motion
  • Automated generation of third-party data flow reports
  • Sustainable compliance
  • Operationalize opt-out requests

“Consumers are increasingly aware of third party data sharing practices and are losing their trust in organizations’ ability to protect their data as a result,” said Nimrod Vax, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, BigID.

“Regulations like CCPA have placed consumer privacy at a premium by mandating that enterprises be better stewards of both the data they own and the data they’re sharing.

“BigID’s new Third-Party Data Sharing privacy compliance capabilities provide the privacy-centric insights needed to monitor and validate data flows, comply with current and upcoming privacy statutes, and better secure customer data.”

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