DemystData selected to help empower users on the Snowflake Data Exchange

Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, announced DemystData has been selected to help empower users on the Snowflake Data Exchange.

The partnership will enable DemystData to begin to bring its massive and growing repository of 500-plus data products, including well-known providers such as Attom, Acxiom, Discover Org, Equifax, Experian, and Infogroup to Snowflake’s secure, fully-governed, and free-to-join data marketplace, the Snowflake Data Exchange.

Chief Data Officers, data scientists, and those tasked with making data-based business decisions have previously achieved value from external data through traditional transfer methods that came at high costs, high latency, and significant effort.

With the Snowflake Data Exchange, users experience easier, more transparent, and less costly access to real-time data. The cloud-built architecture eliminates the need to copy and move data, so organizations can seamlessly integrate and query data from Demyst, in addition to 20 other providers across various industries, directly within the platform.

The Snowflake Data Exchange will connect data-seeking consumers with DemystData’s vast collection of providers to achieve insights in a fraction of the time that it typically takes to engage with new external data.

By breaking down these data barriers, DemystData and Snowflake can positively impact decision-makers’ ability to take products to market faster, conduct real-time risk reviews, reduce fraud, and improve data governance and compliance.

“As most data-driven leaders know too well, discovering, contracting, evaluating, and deploying impactful external data can typically take 6 months and comes with a high fixed cost, even before the value is known,” DemystData CEO, Mark Hookey said.

“Through our partnership with Snowflake we take all of the friction out of testing and leveraging more than 500 data products and over 100,000 unique attributes. All Snowflake users can now start to expand the use of external data for better business decisions.”

“Snowflake is committed to continued innovation on our Data Exchange to enable data providers, like DemystData, with a secure and fully-governed platform for sharing and monetizing their data,” Snowflake Vice President of Product, Christian Kleinerman said.

“Customers with access to live data directly from their Snowflake account will be empowered with new insights that can greatly impact business and propel them ahead of the competition.”

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