Veriff launches NFC verification tool for biometric documents

Veriff, the most secure global verification service provider launches near-field communication (NFC) verification tool that enables the company to validate ePassport-compatible identity documents with both iOS and Android devices.

Veriff now offers ePassports digital verification on all devices that support ePassports reading, including the most recent Android and iOS devices. The new tool speeds up the verification process, is user friendly and makes it more secure than photo-based verification.

According to Kaarel Kotkas, Veriff CEO and founder, Veriff is a frontrunner in providing new secure global verification services. “As soon as the latest iOS version was released, our team prioritized adding an NFC functionality that could verify ePassports and NFC-enabled IDs.

“With this new digital verification tool, we can verify a person’s identity document in a matter of seconds. Not only does this make our mobile verification flows more convenient, but NFC verification is also a much more secure method of data validation.”

Reading the data directly from ePassport’s chip provides the highest security and the ability to check whether someone has tampered with the document. Online verification can be taken to a new level as most passports today are already equipped with the chip, and the chips are being added to all other ID documents across the globe.

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