Report: 2019 eSentire Threat Intelligence Spotlight

This new report Threat Intelligence Spotlight: The Shifting Framework of Modern Malware, draws on data gathered from the 650-plus organizations that eSentire protects and Carbon Black’s extensive endpoint protection install base.

eSentire Threat Intelligence Spotlight

Key insights of the report include:

  • An approximate median of 10 variants within a malware family, which begins to highlight the challenges faced by traditional endpoint solutions
  • The largest number of variants within a malware family is more than 200
  • It takes nearly 40 hours for the majority of antivirus engines to detect new forms of malware
  • New variants of Emotet, a major malware family that recently restarted after a four-month hiatus can spread to unprotected hosts on the same network in under 12 seconds
  • Over two-thirds (67 percent) of all malware enters an organization via email

This report is no longer available.

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