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A SOAR platform represents an evolution in security operations driven by the vast amounts of data that must be processed.

SOAR Platforms eBook

Working off a single platform is critical to successful coordination of detection and response initiatives, as it keeps knowledge sharing across these teams fluid and instantaneous. Security orchestration and automation integrates different technologies and allows you to conduct defensive actions: it increases your effectiveness in stopping, containing, and preventing attacks.

The great thing about SOAR is that, if deployed correctly, it gives your organization the platform required to implement an intelligence-driven security strategy. It is a centralized platform that enables the refinement of relevant data from cases, response engagements, threat investigations, shared communities, and external vendors into intelligence suitable for decision-making by any analyst, and also leverage that newly created intelligence to inform decisions across the security team.

When you download the free eBook (registration required), you’ll learn:

  • What is a SOAR Platform?
  • Intelligence-driven Orchestration
  • Decreasing Time to Response and Remediation with SOAR
  • How to Achieve a Smarter SOAR
  • Checklist for a Complete SOAR Solution.

The eBook is no longer available.

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