Pradeo Secure Private Store facilitates and expands safe BYOD usage

In 2019, 67% of employees access their company’s information system through their personal smartphone. So far, IT security teams were facing a dilemma: manage BYOD devices to control their integrity or let them run unmanaged and risk fraudulent connections to corporate data and services.

Pradeo Secure Private Store

Pradeo launched a unique Secure Private Store solution that allows organizations to distribute mobile services to their collaborators (public and private apps, documents), that they can freely use under the condition that their device does not bear any threat.

By associating store and security functions, Pradeo is the first cybersecurity vendor answering the safety issue caused by personally owned mobile devices used in the corporate environment. Actual game changer, the solution doesn’t require BYOD devices to be managed to secure their usage of the store, thus improving security team’s efficiency and agenda.

This new Pradeo Security service is particularly easy to deploy, as it can be installed as a simple application. Its quick adoption under a white label by an army corps proves that it answers a security need that was unaddressed until now.

That customer quoted: “Achieving the digital transformation is one of our challenges in committing the troops. Thanks to Pradeo Secure Private Store service, we were able in a very short period of time to launch our private store, a turnkey solution, scalable and easily deployable on our soldiers’ personal devices. The added value of Pradeo in terms of security was determining as we didn’t want to manage personal devices but couldn’t compromise over the level of protection required by military services.”

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